Taipei is a major textile and manufacturing center.

women in green and red traditional dress

Taiwan is one of Asia’s most thriving textile and tech markets. It is also betting heavily on its global fashion standing. Taiwan has been investing in its creative industries and promoting local fashion designers through its Taipei Fashion Week. Its goal is to not only bring international recognition to its factories, but also to its talent.

In 2018, Taipei IN Style (an organisation that supports Taiwanese textile designers and companies) collaborated with Taipei Fashion Week. Their mission was to connect professionals around the world, inviting global buyers and allowing them to take part in Taiwan’s fashion and business matching events. This will increase opportunities between Taiwanese brands as well as foreign channels.

A week of important events in Asia’s fashion calendar

The Taiwan Ministry of Culture took note of this and supported Taipei Fashion Week. It will be one of four major Asian fashion weeks, synchronizing with similar celebrations in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai. Representatives from Taipei Fashion Week stated that Fashion Week was an exciting time because it allowed them to showcase the full range of Taiwanese digital design and artistry. Cross-venue and cross-domain cooperation allows for a new way of choreographing a runway show. This promises to be an unforgettable experience that attendees will remember.

women in green and red traditional dress

CrossLab: Dialogue Between Art and Fashion is one of the most important events at Taipei Fashion Week. It combines virtual art with traditional runway shows. This event will bring together six Taiwanese fashion companies with six groups artists. An experiential dialogue, which takes inspiration from Prada’s SS22 theme to host two events simultaneously at different venues, aims to let audiences experience the visceral merging of high-performance tech with physical fashion – by transmitting audio and visual to each other to “coact in different places” to create a new fashion exhibition that combines physical and virtual reality. It also showcases Taiwan’s digital prowess as a global tech player.

Taiwan Fashion Week’s first ever full media blitz event features a high-tech immersive 5G experience. This event exemplifies several guiding themes: Sustainability, Functionality and Diversity, Cross Collaboration and Humanity.

“This year, we will showcase six Taiwanese designers and artists, as well as partnering with Chunghwa Telecom 5G to transmit multimedia images, musical tracks, and visual effects. Cross-venue and cross-domain cooperation allows for a new way of choreographing a runway show. This will be a truly memorable experience that attendees will remember. Taipei Fashion Week continues developing fashion installations that illustrate the unique and successful creative merging that Taiwan has to offer.”

Taipei Fashion Week runs until 17 October.

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