Seoul Fashion Week SS22 begins in a celebration cultural heritage

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Seoul Fashion Week has 37 digital fashion films. The Seoul Fashion Week’s continuous stream of presentations aims to capture the past, present, and future of Seoul’s cultural heritage. It also offers an online platform that can be accessed by both domestic and international audiences.

The event will feature designers who value the environment and a variety of vegan and upcycled houses. The official website of the event, YouTube channels Naver, VLive, and TikTok allow viewers to tune in to digital shows. These channels are accessible to a wide audience.

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Seoul’s second day has seen many big names step onto the virtual stage. These include Seokwoon Yoon and Greedilous, both Beyonce-backed.

Five of Seoul’s most important palaces will host fashion week in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Administration. This is to better represent Seoul’s cultural heritage as a historic city. In addition to traditional elements, TikTok implementations will be visible throughout the week, with behind-the scenes clips and video challenges for all users.

The event opened with performances by Dpr Live, a hip-hop artist. They were set against the backdrop Gyeonghuigunggung Palace, a World Heritage site. On Monday, Heize, a popular singer, will perform. The finale will be with OBSG. Both performances were presented on a stage at Deoksugung stone Exhibition.

Seoul Metropolitan Government released a statement saying that the collection of representative designers would be shown to the world simultaneously. It will be placed on the stage 600 years of cultural heritage, which embraces Seoul’s past, present dynamism, and future potential. “We will promote Seoul’s charm and make the fashion industry more competitive. This will allow us to sell.”

woman taking selfie near neon lights

Seoul will place an additional emphasis on the programme in order to revitalize the K-fashion sector. It recently partnered up with London Fashion Week in an exchange which saw two prominent Korean brands participate in the event, thanks to support from the British Fashion Council (Seoul Government).

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