Shiseido launches AI Makeup Advisor in Collaboration with Revieve

Shiseido, the prestige beauty brand, has added an artificial intelligence (AI), makeup advisor to its product line. It was created by Revieve a personalised digital tech company.

The AI Makeup Advisor is available to customers in the EMEA area. It uses Revieve’s AI Selfie Analysis program that combines personalized recommendations with virtual try-on technology. This allows users to get advice about makeup.

This technology can be used through Shiseido’s website. Customers can upload a selfie to answer questions about their beauty goals and then submit a reply. The uploaded selfie will provide a list with recommended products for full-face makeup and allow users to test them out.

Revieve stated that brands can gain a clear understanding of their customers by using this data. This includes how they interact with touchpoints and what it means for them to understand a customer’s journey to purchase.

Since 2019, the duo has collaborated, beginning with the introduction of a Skincare Advisor that is now available in all Shiseido markets. In a press release, Shiseido stated that the new technology is a result of their partnership. It will help them achieve their mission to be “the most trusted personal beauty and wellness company in the world”.

Romain Carrega is the EMEA prestige director for Revieve, and stated that although our relationship started in the skincare category we are thrilled to continue the ongoing collaboration and expand into makeup.

Carrega said, “Shiseido customers can now buy new products with confidence and find a makeup routine that suits them. Since day one, Shiseido has been delivering these innovative products to customers to help them pursue beauty and wellness.”

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