The Edit LDN opens first UK boutique in Harrods

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The Edit LDN is a limited-edition brand that sells high-end streetwear and sneakers. It opened its first UK store in Harrods.

The Harrods second-floor menswear hall, which covers 2,000 square feet, will be home to the first sneaker retailer. It will stock the latest limited-edition sneakers from Yeezy and Jordan as well as collaborations with Supreme.

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The partnership will offer Harrods shoppers more choice and access, as well as helping The Edit LDN to expand its proposition. This is after it rebranded from The Edit Man London in summer.

It opens at a moment when limited-edition sneakers are in high demand. Research has shown that the market is worth 6 billion US Dollars per year. This figure is expected to rise to 30 billion US by 2030.

Moses Rashid, founder of The Edit LDN and chief executive, stated in a statement that “we want to expand and improve accessibility for people who wish to own limited edition sneakers throughout the world.” It’s a proud moment for Harrods to be the first sneaker reseller.

“Harrods provides a remarkable customer experience to their global customers and this aligns perfectly with our approach to offering the best service. We have seen our buyer base grow from sneaker enthusiasts to film and TV celebrities, professional footballers and royalty around the globe in just 18 months. Harrods’ opening is the next logical step, as we offer our unique proposition to their customers.”

Simon Longland is Harrods’ head of menswear. He said: “Over three years, menswear has undergone a massive transformation that can be seen through both our brand curation and the actual shop floor. Harrods’ goal was to make menswear more accessible and incorporate the most desirable and important trends, and The Edit LDN is a continuation of that effort.”

Nike shoe lot

“Bringing The Edit LDN’s industry expertise to Harrods ensures our customers have access the latest styles on the market through an unmistakable Harrods service level.”

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