Interbrand’s 2021 Top Brands List ranks Louis Vuitton as the most valuable luxury brand

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Interbrand’s 2021 Top Global Brands Report ranked Louis Vuitton as the most valuable luxury brand.

The French luxury house is ranked 13th and is the only fashion brand in the top 20. Chanel and Hermes are ranked at number 22 and 23, respectively. Tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft occupy the top three spots. Zara and H&M are ranked 43-45 in the report. Beauty giants l’Oreal and Sephora rank 53-100.

Sephora is the only brand new addition to the list. This could be a sign of a stabilising market after the disruptions caused by the 2020 pandemic. Martin Brok, Sephora CEO, says Sephora’s success is due to the extraordinary work of its 35,000 employees. This has made Sephora a luxury ‘lovemark’ for many customers.

Sephora’s entry makes the LVMH group the first conglomerate with five brands in the Best Global Brands ranking. Co (92), Hennessy (95) and Dior (77). Burberry, the only British fashion brand listed, ranks at 97. Gucci (33) is another luxury brand included in the top 100. Prada (94) is another. Nike and Adidas are ranked at 49 and 11 respectively.

Over 2,6 Trillion dollars in combined value

The 2021 Best Global Brands Report recorded the greatest brand growth against a backdrop of global technological, economic and social change. The total value of all 100 top brands increased by 15 percent, from 2,3 trillion dollars in 2020 down to almost 2,7 trillion in 2021.

Technology is the fastest-growing, most valuable, and highest performing sector. This sector is bolstered by the digital trends that have supported strong growth. These include cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence and streaming, as well as subscription-based services. This is evident in the ranking’s inclusion of technology. The top three brands, Apple and Microsoft, account for 62.3 percent of total brand value.

white and brown concrete building under blue sky during daytime

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