NYFW SS22 Khaite Ready to Wear

woman in white dress wearing sunglasses

Khaite was created as a tribute to New York City’s need for novelty over necessity. It presented an exploration in contrast textures and silhouettes for its ready-to-wear ‘Till Tomorrow’.

Models walked in a darkened warehouse surrounded by ivy trees and walked along a runway. The lighting was dimmed to briefly highlight the sparkles and structures of the SS22 collection. This season, Catherine Holstein was the focus of designer Catherine Holstein. Each experimental silhouette was based on different couture techniques, whether it’s an organza bubble gown or an enlarged pleat cord.

woman in white dress wearing sunglasses

The collection was dominated by structural juxtapositions and material. Textural exploration and conflicting layers were a key focus. Gigi Hadid, model, opened the show in an ivory satin coat with dramatic padding. This silhouette became a common occurrence throughout the show and was sharply contrasted with form-fitting silk harnesses. The relaxed look was further highlighted by the addition of leather moto jackets and enveloping trenches.

Khaite shows off ‘Till Tomorrow” ready-to-wear collection

The strong presence of sequins was also evident throughout. While gathered, slinky dresses were embellished with sparkles, other garments were completely encased in them. Knitwear with Swarovski crystals applied by hand had a subtler sheen than the more striking pieces.

brown and white floral textile

The attire was a mix of earthy tones and a metropolitan vibe. However, the highlight was the exotic, jungle-inspired fabric that was described as “an amalgamation of urban escape fantasies”. This print, which was adorned with tigers, contrasted the graphic structuring of Holstein’s leather bustiers that were so prominent this season.

The collection was dominated by voluminous accessories, including slouched bags made of suede and leather that reached the knees. Wicker shopping bags also challenged the size norms, which was a commentary on the city’s challenging terrain. Shoes added luxury comfort with styles that were stable, such as clogs, fisherman sandals, and low-heeled mules.

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