Five brands that are gender-neutral to look out for

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Genderless and unisex fashion brands are a sign that society is changing. Gen Z has chosen to wear clothing that they are comfortable with, rather than clothes that have been assigned to them based upon their sex. The boundaries between masculinity and femininity are blurring, as is the way that traditional women’s and men’s clothing is interpreted.

Gender neutral fashion is something that retailers need to catch up with. Physical stores often separate men’s and woman’s clothing and have different floors. It can be difficult for buyers to find the right balance between commercial and directional. While some designers may be boldly testing boundaries between masculine and female codes in order to spark conversations about gender equality, their sales might not reflect this.

Lyst claims that the success of Gucci’s genderless shopping section, “Gucci MX”, Converse’s genderless line SHAPES, and Beyonce’s Ivy Park x Adidas neutral pieces, will ensure that genderless shopping continues to grow throughout 2021. The number of products online that are labeled “unisex”, has increased by more than 80% since October.

We suggest these five brands to keep an eye on:


Ijji, a clothing brand that is genderless and was founded in California in 2016, has a Japanese-inspired sourcing policy. The company is focused on natural fibers, beautiful colors, and interesting silhouettes like its silk shirting and twill plaid trousers. Ijji is a Japanese term that means any loose-fitting drawstring pant. All collections offer inclusive sizes and are unisex.

Сold Laundry

Cold Laundry, a British brand, was established in 2019 by Ola Alabi and Cerise Alabi, husband and wife designers. The brand offers a basic wardrobe for both men and women that is minimalist in styling. A standout item is the unisex puffer coat. Our pieces are heavily inspired from Korean fashion. “The pieces have clean, minimalist looks, with our own twist on colors, cuts, and shapes. It derives from that type of drop shoulder, oversized and boxy fit,” Alabi said to High Snobiety.


Man-tle is creatively managed by Aida and Larz Harry, an Australian husband and wife team. Many pieces, such as their workwear categories have both men’s or women’s sizes. Man-tle, as a brand, is focused on durability and reliability. Its backdrop is the rugged Australian landscape. The garments are not focused on one sex but rather have an egalitarian approach and can adapt to each individual’s changing terrain.


Olderbrother, a conscious apparel brand that promotes sustainability and unisex fashion, is committed to keeping clothing natural. The brand is unique in that they have cultivated their own dyes and paid attention to the details when it comes sustainable materials. The Portland-based company is committed to supporting self-definition and designing garments that can be worn by all bodies.


Collusion was launched exclusively on ASOS in 2018 and is a Gen Z brand that celebrates the coming of age. It focuses on inclusivity, collaboration, and experimental fashion. The brand’s ethos is to make clothing that anyone “can imagine themselves wearing.” Collaborations with other brands allow for different points of view, catering to ASOS’ young and diverse audience.

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