Wings of Desire – Understated makeup with a flourish

photo of assorted makeup products on gray surface

You can still go bold with your makeup, but keep it simple if you feel that it is too much.

I coaxed my makeup back from its hiatus some time ago. I have become more adventurous with color. However, I’m aware that many people are still reluctant to try the full hog. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you have to apply makeup and cover your face with colours. Low-key nude lips can be anything from pinky to deep brown. Natural brows, minimal makeup and the swapping of full-coverage foundation with concealer give a subtle but finished look. An exaggerated winged eyes is a great way to add a little color without using any colour.

woman with red lipstick and black mascara

These are my essentials for such look:

1. Benefit Powmade Brow Pomade £19.50,
2. By Terry Hyaluronic Hydro Balm £ 29
3. Morphe Make it Big Liquid Liner £12,
4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch concealer PS27,
5. Kjaer Weis Im-Possible Mascara PS30,

I cannot live without…this lip balm! This balm stands out in a starry range by Bobbi Brown. We are looking for no-makeup products that can be used in multiple ways, and which are stylish and well-formulated. Bobbi Brown is the founder. She is the woman behind the huge makeup brand bearing her name. But she completely abandoned it five years back. Jones Road is her first venture back into makeup. It’s amazing.

photo of assorted makeup products on gray surface

Brown is a pioneer, so it shouldn’t surprise that Brown does this. In the 90s, Brown was a makeup artist who resisted the trend of’more is better’ and instead led the minimalism revolution. She is a staunch opponent of excessive contouring and has been a champion of neutral makeup that brings out the best in you. Jones Road adheres to this philosophy and all of its products are stars. The Face Pencil – a foundation-meets-concealer pencil – is easy to apply, easy to cart around and impossible to overuse. Cool Gloss has no sticky texture and is more like a moisturizing lip balm. This mascara, which is inky black, has won numerous awards for its volumising power. The Hippie Stick is an excellent hydrator for your face, body and lips. My favorite is the Miracle Balm. This light-reflecting balm comes in six colors and leaves a subtle, sheer gloss on your eyes and lips. It can also be used as a highlighter or overall face tint. This balm is the epitome of “no makeup necessary”. This is exactly what Jones Road is all about. Jones Road Miracle Balm, £ 34,

glass perfume bottle

My radar: Roll-on oil, dreamy fragrance, and working mist

Go West is a fragrance brand created by Bee Shapiro (New York Times columnist) that has been introduced to the UK. West is a dreamy blend of blood orange, pear, and oakmoss. Ellis Brooklyn, West Eau de Parfum, £100,

Roll up oil. It’s here, and it’s brilliant. Frank Body Glide N Go Body Oil Stick, £12.95,

Mists that last. If you want to buy mist, make sure it actually does something. This mist is infused with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, and brightens and hydrates. It has stayed by my side. Bamford Hyaluronic Glow mist, £ 38.

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