Valentino will produce “Vaccinated” Hoodies

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Pierpaolo Picccioli, Valentino’s creative director, posted an Instagram photo of himself in a black hoodie and a red Valentino logo on the chest a month ago. Instead of having the brand name Valentino underneath the V, it said “Vaccinated.” Although the sweatshirt was initially thought to be a one-off, there was a huge demand from top fashion stylists and editors asking Piccioli to make the sweatshirt.

two white plastic bottles on white table

Sometimes dreams do come true. Valentino will now sell a slightly more expensive version of the sweatshirt on its website. UNICEF will receive 100 percent of all proceeds to support their work with the World Health Organization’s Covax program. This program provides vaccine access in countries that are not easily accessible. The New York Times reported the news.

This sweatshirt was difficult to make, as neither Valentino nor Piccioli designed it. Cloney, a Los Angeles-based company, produced the sweatshirt Piccioli took a selfie in. Their specialty is creating graphics for sweatshirts, sweatshirts, and baseball caps, as well as putting their own spins on fashion and celebrities.

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Most companies would have written Cloney a cease and desist letter. But, instead, Piccioli discovered the hoodies and decided to purchase the stock. He also gave away some to his celebrity friends including Lady Gaga. Piccioli reached out to Cloney’s founder Duke Christian George III who was delighted to hear from him. Cloney was founded by George in 2019.

Cloney and Piccioli agreed that Valentino would produce the hoodies in its factories according to its luxury standards. Both logos would be featured on the final product, and it would be a Valentino x Cloney collaboration.

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