Lululemon launches its first-ever tennis collection this spring

Lululemon confirms that it will launch its first ever tennis collection this spring. It also names Leylah Fernandez, the US Open 2021 runner up, as its new ambassador.

Lululemon will be worn by the Canadian tennis star starting at the Australian Open. It will run from January 17 through 30.

Fernandez, Lululemon said, would put the products through their paces, including the upcoming tennis collection. He will also provide “instrumental feedback” to help the brand develop future designs and plans.

Michelle Davies, vice-president of global sports marketing at Lululemon stated in a statement that Leylah displays undeniable strength, passion, and a clear focus on her goals. Given her positive outlook and determination, she was an obvious choice to be Lululemon’s next ambassador.

“Leylah inspires people of all ages and the next generation to take up tennis. We are proud to be her partner in this amazing journey.”

Fernandez said that he was very happy to become a Lululemon ambassador and that “representing the brand on and off court is a dream come real. My personal style is casual-chic, and I love tennis.”

“It is very important for me to step out on the court. I have no doubt that my match clothes feel good on my body, and I feel confident that I will feel my best wearing Lululemon.”

Fernandez joins Lululemon’s growing list of ambassadors, which includes Jordan Clarkson, a basketball player, and runners and activists Colleen Quigley, Mirna Valerio and Joe Wicks, a fitness coach and YouTube sensation.

Image: Lululemon; Leylah Fernandez

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