The North Face has launched the Care line of outdoor products for its customers

green plastic bottle cap lot

The North Face, an American outdoor brand, has launched its first Care line with support from DFNS in the Netherlands. The Care collection includes six products that can be used to care for outdoor clothing and footwear. It is designed to increase the product’s lifespan and reduce their environmental footprint.

The “Footwear Refresher,” the “Footwear Protectionor”, “Apparel Launderer” and the “Apparel Protector,” were created to make otherwise environmentally hazardous washing and drying more efficient, gentler, and more sustainable over the long-term. The new “Tech & Down Wash” and “Water & Stain Repellent” are gentle enough to clean, waterproof and protect sensitive technical materials.

green plastic bottle cap lot

Concentrated solutions for recycled PET bottles

The North Face released a press release saying that the Care collection products are innovative and eco-friendly. This allows adventurers to extend their gear’s life span while protecting the environment.

All Care products come in DFNS Airopacks. These are the first world-first compressed air-operated plastic bottles made of recycled PET or Airopack bottles. They save 50.3 percent on carbon emissions and are certified by the Global GreenTag.

The North Face stated that concentrated solutions are more eco-friendly than traditional products. The integrated dosage systems reduce waste and provide a reliable wash everytime.

From autumn/winter 2021, the North Face Care collection will be sold in outdoor stores across North America and Europe. Prices are not yet known.

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