The Lucky New Moon of 2021 is Finally Here

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The start of September brings with it a sense of change, even before temperatures drop. The new moon in Virgo, which will be appearing on September 6, is exactly what we need to get the fresh start we all want this fall after enduring the “hot girl Summer” that was.

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Madi Murphy, cofounder of The Cosmic Revolution and The Cosmic RX, said that all new moons offer opportunities to erase last month’s mistakes, but this luminary is a unique opportunity to make a change. Because the sun and moon will form a trine with Uranus, the Great Aswakener planet. Murphy states that this combination opens up new opportunities. She adds that this combination also reminds you that your uniqueness will be what makes you successful in work, art, and/or purpose. She says this is the right time to be creative and “seek practical, innovative solutions for your work, in self-care rituals and habits, as well as in your relationships.”

Lisa Stardust, author of The Astrology Deck and Saturn Return Survival Guide, says that Virgo is practical and humble but will experience an emotional new moon. We were told by Stardust that logic and reason are not important now because we are relying on our intuition and feelings. This will allow us to all feel the desire to grow and make progress in our lives – but it should be done with caution. Your intuition can help you determine where to go next. Listen to it and honor it. You might be surprised by its ability to take you to unexpected or interesting places. The harmonious transits that accompany this new moon make it even more special. First, Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius will form a trine.

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Narayana Montufar is a senior astrologer at, who is also the author of Moon Signs, Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power says: “Jupiter is the Planet of Luck and Abundance. When it comes together with Venus the Planet of Adoration and Aesthetics magic happens.” Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn will form a trine, Montufar said. This allows for “deep and real transformations to occur.” There’s a metamorphosis happening here, whether you are ready or not. Accept the change and go with it. You will reap the rewards of your personal journey. While this new moon is full of positives, there are also some downsides.

Stardust warns about an “ambiguous cosmic impact” from Neptune, who is retrograde in Pisces. She says, “Uncertainty will make it difficult to reflect and stand still rather than chase the next dream.” Remember how we encouraged you to trust your intuition? This confusion can make it difficult to discern what your intuition is telling you. This is the best time to use that planner you’ve been meaning to get.

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According to Leslie Hale (psychic astrologer at, there are some low-energy days before the new moon. She says that this phase is a time for healing and renewal. It can give us the wisdom and healing power we need to overcome obstacles, and start the new cycle. From now on, until the new moon blesses us with her presence take it easy. Relax, plan a movie night and rest.

This double dose of Virgo energy should not be taken lightly. Murphy’s last piece of advice is: “Identify the major goals that you would like to achieve in the next six-months and then break them down into smaller, more manageable steps.” This is the new moon that can bring about practical magic. Consider the large, expansive dreams and desires. This enchanting new moon is possible with the right plan of action.

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