Your Horoscope for the First Full Week of September 2021

Big Virgo Energy is evident in the first week of September. There’s also Monday’s new Moon in Virgo. This moon makes a trine with Uranus in Taurus within an hour of it completing. The stars will help you if you are thinking about making a major change, a difficult decision, or a pivot from your previous path. Earthlings, it’s a new Year. Dip your apples in honey, and let what’s gone be gone.

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It is worth noting, however, that the new moon wasn’t the only thing that was making waves in the sky this 6th. The day opens with a trine of Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. The only way to drive us, or push us forward, is to be motivated by something deeper than our current level. A Earth trine is a combination of planets that are associated with fire and water. There’s steam, sweat, and a desire to achieve it. A little over an hour later, Venus conjunct Vesta in Libra makes a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius. This mirrors all that passionate energy, infusing us and others with good faith. Your efforts are not going to be wasted. Even if they are not tangible, you can trust that your efforts will result in something. It’s not necessary to choose between dreaming and doing. This is a false dichotomy. All visions are powerful and energetic. They require the same energetic devotion.

On the 8th of the week Mercury in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries. It’s a good idea to take care of the first arrow so that the second doesn’t get all the attention. Although Libra and Aries are in opposition to each other, the aspect doesn’t require us to make a choice. It asks us instead to deal with the contradictions that exist within us all. To be yourself and to learn from others.

Venus ends its days in Libra where it feels most at home. On Friday, Venus slips into Scorpio, which is a wonderful day for Venus to take a wild vacation. Although she may not feel at home in Scorpio, Venus is sure to have a transformational time.

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As any cardinal sign, you know that planning and dreaming can only go so far. As they say, the devil is in the details. The devil loves to distract you when it comes to the details. This week, Aries, do your best to remain on track. You are in control of what you can and cannot do. Don’t worry about what you don’t have control over. Double-check every checklist and do your best to pay attention to the little things. You should be able to focus on your business, not worrying about what others might expect. You are an initiater, a fire-starter. There is no reason to worry that your mind will wander from the big picture. Your spirit knows the sky is limit, and it won’t let you forget that.


Your life story and your identity will change as you grow older and change. Although change is inevitable, it’s easy to forget that structures built onto our lives are only temporary, regardless of how sturdy or secure they may be. If they are temporary, it is not worth focusing solely on the structural integrity. The pleasure of spending time building structures is as important to our identity and our time here on Earth as the construction of them. For a long time, you’ve been learning to put pleasure first. Not just in moments of relaxation but also in how you approach building a life. You’ll have many opportunities this week to put those lessons into action.


The mushroom colony that atop the mycelium is what made us who we are today and how we will become tomorrow is all that matters. Yet, this little mushroom colony can be so powerful and pervasive that it can take many years before we acknowledge our responsibility for the environment around us and our part in it. Gemini, it’s better to return with an open mind than regret later. If you want to find an open mind, it is better to return with an open heart. It’s better to listen to what isn’t there and to put your ear to it. It’s better to let go of past judgments about people and places, and to allow yourself to see things as they are. Give others the same complexity that you desire to see in yourself.


Many of us were raised to respect loyalty. It is a trait that a person holds within them and shares with others who are worthy. It can also feel like a contract between willing parties, a blood oath to not betray one another. Loyalty sounds simpler than it actually is. Our relationships with each other are living beings. They adapt to their environment, just like all living things. It’s beautiful work to manage expectations, recognize shifting stakes and communicate our needs. But it’s only half. Unlearning how to control others’ behavior is half the work. Their behavior is all we need.


Leos don’t have to be extravagant. Leos don’t always have to be the most extravagant person at the bar. All Leos, and Leo risings, have an intensity that shines down upon what they love and makes that loved something great. The Sun shines down on your house of resources by working in concert with this week’s new Moon in Virgo. Energy flows from your house of daily work and into your house for legacy, while energy bounces back. All Leos can tune in, although not all Leos need to. However, all Leos will feel the energy and flow of this flow. With intention and reverence, approach what you have with respect and reverence. Let it transform the nature and purpose of your work, and if it is necessary to do so again, don’t hesitate. It can be rebuilt.


It’s easy to be identified in one way or another, and it’s very beneficial for society to find a container that works. The truth is that every day you wake, you have the power to choose who you are. You don’t have to be inconsistent in your beliefs. It is not a failure morally to abandon something that you once believed was true and tried. You have the ability to choose what feels good and what doesn’t every day. You can feel guilty if you place your worth on someone else’s role. The roles you play in the lives of others, and your role in their stories, can be changed. Your value is intrinsic. It is yours and will always be yours. You don’t deserve the grace that you show others during your birthday season if you don’t allow yourself to be kind to yourself.


Libras are known for their reputation in relationships. Libras are burdensome because they have to form an association partnership. Libra is ruled over by Venus, who thrives off attention of any kind. Libras are cardinals, not mutable signs. Libras are a friendly bunch who love to communicate, but they don’t like to compromise. Although compromise is not always possible, it can help to reduce friction between different viewpoints. The best thing about people is that they are part of your story. They move about your life like an open mirror and show you who you really are. If you are having trouble seeing the good in someone this week, talk to them like you would want to be spoken to.


You’ve worked steadily to get out of the emotional underworld. You have broken down the relationships you inherit and are now able to see their inner workings. You have learned what intimacy is and what it is not, how to recognize the humanity of another person, and that, no matter how satisfying the idea of “your person”, no connection is permanent. You could have listened to Stevie singing “Landslide” but that’s okay. The things you love and let go of, the lessons you’ve learned, all these things are part of you and you can bring them with you when you connect with others. Do not worry about appearing cold. Feel free to feel new and different. You’ll feel it when you feel it, and the lack thereof will be your blessing.


We are here, dear friend, in capitalism’s fall, tapping our keyboards and sending emails, trying to figure out how much money one would need to save for the end of the world. Money is either real or fake. Either you have enough money or your bank accounts will go up in flames. You have two options. Either you make a difference or your prayers for a better future are futile. You’re not the only one feeling burned out. You’re not the only one feeling conflicted between your past ambitions and your responsibility to see the state of the planet. Do not adapt to the climate of catastrophe. Your work will take over your life if it fills your days. You should be discerning about the people you work for and why.


Although travel is a great way to gain a fresh perspective, it’s not the only option. It’s a relief to be immersed in another world. You can also experience clarity and the blessing of smallness in your own life. If travel is not possible or the opportunities that we thought might enrich our inner lives are blocked by circumstances beyond our control, then it’s up for us to find ways to understand what it means to live here. Your life may be tiny – just a thread in the tapestry – but it does its job. Your days will be filled with teachers and colleagues who can help you to understand what it means for one of the survivors and find joy in it.


This week, time is critical. You might have a hard time showing up fully and authentically. It’s easy to lose track of old friends and to go into old ways of being. This allows you to wear a face that fits you just like a glove. It’s okay to have some time travel and a bit of the “old self” mixed in with the new. Our evolution doesn’t happen in a linear fashion. All our selves are with us. It’s not necessary to feel as though you are putting on an act when you have hours of play and pleasure. You must feel comfortable being who you are, not what you used to be. Save some time for a date with them.


Although you may have been born at the beginning of the year or not, the Virgo new Moon is a source for renewal. A new moon in the house of partnership, which is mutable and therefore rooted within relation, can bring you a new level of connection – a new way to be with others. Slow down this week if you find yourself on the same ground as before, reliving the same scenario with people you love. Even if you are unable to move completely, slow down. Are these stories open to a shift in perspective? Are you willing to change the role you play in your life? You now have new language to communicate intimacy, and tools that you don’t have before. What is holding you back from changing the script?

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