The Texas Abortion Law is Cruel and Inhumane — That’s the Point

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On Wednesday morning, Texas’ Senate Bill 8 limiting abortion was in effect. The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to reject the law’s blocking late Wednesday night. John Roberts, Chief Justice, joined Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, three liberal justices on the court. Two of the five justices who allowed it to take effect have been accused of sexual assault. It is not difficult to see how the law will benefit both misogynists as well as anti-abortionists. It will also be a disaster for anyone who is able to get pregnant.

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The Texas SB8 bans abortions after six weeks. There are no exceptions to the ban on rape and incest. Although it’s sometimes called a “heartbeat bill”, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists clarifies that this term does not reflect medical accuracy or clinical understanding, as embryos don’t possess a heart at this stage.

People would like you to believe that six weeks is “plenty” but they are wrong. A person’s period is only missed by two weeks at six weeks of pregnancy. This is considered a reasonable margin of error. However, even if someone does recognize they are pregnant and decides to terminate their pregnancy, they would still need to go to a clinic. This is a difficult task in a state with severely restricted clinic access. Even if a clinic does find one, it is likely that there will be a long waiting list. This is a reminder of the fact that Roe v. Wade still applies nationally, even though it is not in force in every state. Millions of Americans are unable to get an abortion in the U.S. It is possible to believe there are people who oppose abortion in good conscience, but there is no evidence that this legislation was done that way. All of this should be treated with some skepticism. Remember that every pro-choice activist who claims that abortion is equivalent to murdering children should be reminded that the politicians they support don’t really consider embryos children. Because pregnant women are not entitled to the legal benefits of motherhood, it is easy to see. To declare a child dependent on your taxes, you will need to have the child born alive. A pregnant immigrant woman is not considered to be housing an American citizen. However, the baby will have these rights if they are born in America.

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The child must be born alive again. Viability is not possible after six weeks. These and other inconsistencies are irrelevant to those who want the law to be implemented. Regardless of whether abortion is legal or illegal, the rates remain the same. This law serves to remind people that everyone with a uterus has one purpose: to become a mother. They will be punished if they do anything that is contrary to this law, and not just metaphorically.

This law also allows private citizens to sue anyone who “aided” in an abortion. If these citizens win the lawsuit, they are entitled to $10,000 in damages as well as legal fees. When President Biden spoke out against the bill, he said that anyone could be sued for $10,000 in damages and legal fees. According to the New York Times, “What’s known as the lawsuit privilege would likely protect [the person who is suing you] against a defamation case even if [they are] wrong.” It will then be more difficult to request a ride to a clinic for an abortion. Any potential driver must worry about being sued. If there is the possibility of a mistake being made, someone could be sued and face the financial and legal consequences. This will create a dangerous environment filled with anxiety, fear, distrust, and despair. This is, obviously, the intention behind this panopticon.

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People who are in need of abortions will be physically isolated from clinics and emotionally from anyone who could help them. It will have dire consequences. This is a serious problem, but not enough people see it that way. Perhaps it’s because they don’t see this as a problem in Texas, so people there think that Texas residents can travel to Texas for abortions. This is despite the fact that it is difficult for many, especially those with lower incomes who cannot afford to travel out of state or take time off work. Others believe that the increase in drugs that can cause abortions at home will help improve the situation. They might be, but Texas is pushing for Senate Bill 4, which would ban the mail of those drugs in Texas. Online clinics may be sufficient to prevent us from going back to life-threatening “back-alley” abortions. These days are here. A Tennessee woman tried to instigate her own abortion using a coat hanger in 2015. Texas has been restricted in abortion access.

Women have tried DIY abortions with “herbs or herbal remedies”, getting punched in the stomach, and using illicit or alcohol drugs. Texas has made it almost impossible for people to access information on safe abortion at home, and even the pills, so this is a way to ensure that they don’t try more risky methods. This is a good time to increase the Supreme Court. It’s not an unusual move and could help to rectify the imbalance created by recent Republican court appointments. People who are able to do so should volunteer their time and money to worthy causes. It is important to be aware of the stakes. It’s clear that this will lead to people dying. It’s almost a certainty. When they die, pro-lifers will claim they deserved it. Their movement is not about keeping people alive. It is a death cult. It is about forcing everyone to believe what is right. Even if it means that a few people will die, they don’t care.

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