Telfar launches Bag Security Program III

white and brown tote bag on white wooden table

It’s now as hard to get a Telfar shopping bag (also known as the Brooklyn Birkin) as it is an actual Birkin. And, it’s only a fraction of its price. Telfar’s third Bag Security Program is now available to customers who want the chance at the sought-after handbag. Bag Security Program III, also known as BSPIII in this iteration, is a presale program that allows customers to purchase any shopping bag they choose, regardless of its size, color or quality.

white and brown tote bag on white wooden table

Starting at noon today, shoppers will have a 36 hour window to choose the bag or bags they want to be made and shipped to them by March 31, 2022. The 1.5-day event will feature BSP for the first time. It will include performances, announcements and call-ins by surprise gusts to chat and chat with Telfar.

person holding Visa card and white device

Customers can now pay in four increments with Klarna as part of the third rollout for the Bag Security Program. Telfar Clemens was awarded the 2020 CFDA Award as Accessories Designer of Year for the Telfar Shopping Bag.

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