Rodeo Wear is having a moment

Fashion is experiencing a renaissance in rodeo. Glamorous Western wear has become a rage. Although the trend has been around for some time, it really took off in summer 2021.

Dua Lipa kicked things off in June with her new video featuring pony hair outerwear, pieces from the Levi’s x Miu Miu collab, light up lassos, and a phalanx of line-dancing backup dancers wearing rodeo clown makeup.

The Seoul septet is amazing, but Cowboy Bangtan hits it differently. J-hope in chaps SUGA in leather suspenders Jin wearing a bolo tie with a large amount of exposed chest! V and RM in cowboy hats with wide brims! Jungkook in Johnny Cash-approved, all-black fringe!

BTS’s Western-wear aesthetic made them look good (and probably launched a million cowboy fanfics), but it also mirrored the buoyant and optimistic dance track itself. The 58-piece rodeo collection will be available on Thursday, 8/19. It includes denim corsets and cow-print, opera length gloves, fringed masks, and the iconic Adidas tracksuit in triple-denim.

man wearing brown cowboy hat

Maybe going through a cowboy phase is the mark of a certified pop star. In 2019, Lil Nas X bragged all about the cowboy hat he got from Gucci and Wranglers while twerking through her video in 2019. She wore a red cowboy hat with a sequined bikini and wore it everywhere.

Or maybe this recent rodeo-wear trend is inspired by something else. It’s a return to dressing up in fun, and this hard left into a dazzling Cowboy aesthetic. It’s loud and optimistic. And it’s as far as you can get from elastic waist sweatpants, stylistically speaking.

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