Vans brings digital skate experience to Roblox

man playing skateboard on skateboard arena

Vans skate brand has partnered up with Roblox to allow players to digitally shop with their avatars in an interactive Vans experience.

man playing skateboard on skateboard arena

Roblox Vans’ signature locations, such as House of Vans and the Vans Off the Wall Skatepark, are the inspiration for Roblox Vans’ world. There are also many Roblox Vans retail shops around the globe. Visitors can bring their children to the space to try on original Vans shoes and purchase them while they are there. They also have the opportunity to learn how to skate in the immersive world.

A digital store is available for fans to customize shoes and create their own Vans. A skate shop is available for players to build their own skateboard. There are four Vans silhouettes that can be customized by the brand, which can be purchased and worn in Roblox.

Vans vice president for global integrated marketing Nick Street stated that ” ‘Individual expression’ is deeply embedded within skate culture. We are encouraging creative expression in digital space with the Vans World experience on Roblox. This allows us to bridge the gap between real and virtual fashion and sports in an accessible and inclusive manner. Vans is a global advocate for youth culture and an icon. We are thrilled to offer this authentic brand experience to millions of Vans fans on Roblox.”

Vans isn’t the only brand to optimize Roblox digital. Gucci created a limited edition Gucci Garden experience in which avatars could explore a multi-media space that was inspired by their creative vision earlier this year. Roblox players could purchase and dress their avatars in the virtual collection of luxury fashion house Gucci. The immersive event was closely tied to that virtual collection. Gucci bags were sold on the platform for 4,115 dollars, which is a significant margin over its original retail price.

Beyond monetisation, there are many ways brands can make use of the Roblox digital world. Roblox suggests that spaces can be customized to allow for further brand communication. It also offers the possibility of exploring alternative fashions and can include a 3D runway for immersive experiences.

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