Shayne Oliver: “Being a Black weirdo can be harder than any other kind.”

purple vinyl record on black and white table

Shayne Oliver has DJ’d naked and put a great dancer on the catwalk. Now, with an album, he is on a mission: to bring New York’s queer underground out to the rest of the world. The former Hood byAir designer is the 21st-century Andy Warhol.

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Interviewing Shayne Oliver is a conversational rollercoaster. We whirlwind from the cult 90s guitarist bands to Arthur Jafa to discuss the problems with political correctness and the pressure placed on creatives. There is little warning as to what thrill or spill we will encounter next. He says, “I’m such an idiot.” “I’m sorry.”

But Oliver is far from a scatterbrain. Oliver is most well-known as a fashion designer and former vogue-dancer, who created the adored label Hood By Air (or HBA) in 2006. He isn’t content with just designing clothes. Oliver has decided to move into music after forming Anonymous Club, a “creative club” that focuses on young talent. It began as a series if parties. Screensavers Vol 1 is the studio’s first release. It’s a compilation album based upon Oliver’s demos and executive produced by Yves Tumor.

purple vinyl record on black and white table

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