KAAI and Diamanti per Tutti team up to support women

Strong women. Female entrepreneurship. Unconditional mutual support. This is the essence of the exclusive collaboration between Antwerp-based brands KAAI & Diamanti Per Tutti. These brands have more in common than their roots. Both companies were founded and run by women. It is not surprising that both companies are led by women.

“We want women to succeed, so we want to support female entrepreneurs and female brands. We want women to take the leap. All of our work revolves around female empowerment.” – Helga Mersmans, cofounder of KAAI.

Luxury brands have changed the famous saying that “behind every great women, is a strong lady” and set the record straight. This idea was transformed into a silver necklace that featured two silhouettes of women, one behind each other. It is a reference to Ine, Helga and Helga who founded KAAI four years ago.

Many women dream of owning their own business, but don’t want to take that chance. We want to show that women can also start a business and that it is possible to do so together. It’s not enough to have problems together, but having a partner can give you two perspectives. This will only make you stronger” – Ine Verhaert (co-founder KAAI).

The power couple can’t deny that it is not easy to run a business, despite their success. Ine and Helga, both female entrepreneurs, faced many challenges on the path to KAAI’s success. They were able overcome the obstacles by working together. To get through difficult times, it is important to complement each other in a team.

There are many highs and lows at the beginning of any business. While the highs are great and you share the joy of success, it’s the lows that you have to be there for each other. Your partner should always be there for you when you’re feeling down, and vice versa.” Ine Verhaert

Women don’t have to be second to men. In everything they do, women should support each other unconditionally. These are the core values of the KAAI community. It is a community that promotes female empowerment in all aspects of life, including entrepreneurship. Be strong, believe in one another, inspire each others, and power through whatever happens.

“Relying on one another is the greatest advantage to a great partnership. We are both hard-working, dedicated people who will never give up. We can count on each other to keep going and everything will turn out fine.” – Helga Meersmans.

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