Hey Bud’s Hemp Clay Mask Says Goodbye to Acne and Dry Skin

This hemp clay mask is IT! This mask has received over 2,000 5-star reviews and countless glowing testimonials. And with the current promo of 20% off site-wide with code XMAS20 and a free mask with your $75+ order – who could resist? The clay Mask is made by a new Australian skincare brand, Hey Bud. The mask comes with a handy applicator brush and promises to improve skin’s texture, reduce oily spots, clear acne, and help regulate oil production. Although I only tested it for two weeks, they recommend that you use it up to three times per week if your skin’s oily or dry. However, I noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my skin after using it twice a week. After washing off the mask, my face feels glowy, refreshed, and squeaky clean without leaving it all dried up. It’s like a dream clay mask.

Clay masks are made with natural ingredients that are good for you. Aloe vera and matcha, kaolin clay, and almond and avocado oils moisturize and clean. This mask is five-star worthy. The real star of this mask is the Australian hemp seed oil. Since the past two years, CBD and hemp have been gaining popularity in skincare products. This highly-prized ingredient is known for its ability to balance acne treatment with skin hydration.

Hey Bud Clay Mask Applicator Brush

I’ve never tried hemp or CBD skincare before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I’m also very very lazy when it comes to wash-off masks. If it isn’t a sheet mask, I can’t keep up with it. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to use a sheet mask. It would be a huge task for me to change up my low-maintenance routine to make an actual mask. Spoiler alert! Even though my two-week trial ended, I intend to continue using it. It has everything, from the creamy texture to its light, fresh fragrance to the included brush. The task becomes much more manageable by not having to use my hands and using a handy-dandy application tool. My after-work self care is spa-like because I get a free brush (a 10/10 in mine).

My chin had some breakouts that wouldn’t go away after I used my regular pimple patches. However, the mask was able to wash them off. Sure, you can see some redness on one side of my face – typical for my after-skincare face – but it felt heavenly soft. Like that post-facial feeling we’re all craving (and can’t get enough of) but on our own bathrooms! My skin felt more hydrated after regular use, and some of the benefits were immediate. You can even fade scarring over time. Similar results are being reported by other happy customers. One said it was “the best product I have ever used for my skin” and another said it was “a life-changing experience.” It’s great for sensitive skin and works well as spot treatment. It’s easy to add it to any routine, even one as simple as mine, with just two to three applications per week.

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