The 2021 September Horoscope is Here!

Cooler temperatures and autumnal sunsets are just some of the many things September has in store. The month ahead will bring a fiery mix, lots of emotions, moments to reflect back on the past, and finally, a chance for a fresh start.

We are always filled with new ideas and plans this month. However, the Virgo new Moon on September 6 will bring confusion and uncertainty to even the best-laid plans. On September 10, and 14, respectively, Venus, a lovelorn planet, enters Scorpio while Mars enters Libra. This is a happy couple: Venus and Mars will be in mutual receipt of each other. Each planet is in the sign where the other rules. While Venus can be agitated in Scorpio, the mutual reception of Mars in Libra helps to soften those feelings. Mars can be weak in passive Libra, but mutual reception gives the red planet strength and perseverance.

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September 20th is the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces. This day is for romance and sentimentality. The Sun enters Libra on the 22nd of September, which also happens to be the Fall Equinox. This day will have even hours of daylight and night. This will set the tone for Libra season. Mercury retrograde, which begins September 27th and continues until October 17th in airy Libra, is the only problem. It will be difficult to find our balance and our footing in relationships as well as on our personal paths. So take care.


What is the difference between where you begin and where another ends? Due to Venus’s deep and ravenous descent into Scorpio on September 10, your heart will be flooded with the desire to join your crush or partner in crime. Mars’s September 14th move into Libra will bring out your need for raw intimacy and independence. Sometimes, commitment comes at a cost. You decide whether you are willing to follow the rules of your relationship. If you’re feeling like you need autonomy or freedom, then you can attain this during .Mercury’s retrograde, which commences on September 27 and lasts until October 17, by changing up the dynamic of your relationship. .


Your calm and docile nature often makes it easy to follow the rules of others in order to be accepted by them. But now is the time to change the way the game is played in business, love and friendships. You have the opportunity to make a difference in your personal life by changing the story with Venus’s entry into Scorpio and the Virgo new Moon on September 6. Don’t allow anyone to tell you what you should do. You can do what you want, even if it means stepping outside of the box. Learn to take risks and voice your opinions during the September 20 Full Harvest Moon. This will increase your confidence and help you reach places you never imagined possible.


September’s breeze offers you an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on your next great visions. This is especially true during the harvest full moon and new moon on September 6th and 20th. Your life will buzz with creativity by the time Mars and Sun enter Libra on September 14th and 22nd. Chances that combine your artistic and intellectualism will be yours will come your way. You’ll find a new approach to the blueprint that will fill your brain with joy.


Talking about the good times of September 6’s Virgo moon and September 20 .Full Harvest Moon, Pisces won’t make you feel satisfied about the past. To be a better version yourself in this current world, you will need to dig deeper into your heart. Mercury’s planetary moonwalk will allow you to connect with your inner child on September 27. Allow your heart to wander back in time, and you will find the activities you enjoyed in your youth. This will help you to find your place in the world, and let you know where you are going based on your past and present. This is a wonderful time to heal.


You will be challenged by the  .new and full moons on September 6th and September 20th. This month can prove difficult, especially with Venus moving into Scorpio on September 10th. Venus creates a seductive vibe which can make it difficult to move forward. Mercury’s retrograde on September 27, will see you fall back into old patterns. Don’t be too hard on yourself when this happens. Give yourself some leeway. You don’t have to be harsh with yourself for making mistakes. We don’t want to break your fragile ego but nobody is perfect. This will help you get through the setbacks. It is important to have patience and grace. Be kind and patient. Old habits die hard. You can overcome them with your inner strength.


You must get rid of anyone and everything that is weighing you down. It doesn’t matter if it’s an intimate relationship or a professional partnership. You’ll discover that it’s crucial to get rid of energetic vampires that aren’t responding to the love and care you give them during the full moon on September 6, and the new moon on September 20. You are creating space for something. The Fall Equinox and Libra seasons begin on September 22. This will allow you to make significant changes in your personal affiliation. You may have many boundaries and limits now. This will require mutual help and respect when implementing them in the coming weeks. Virgo, let go or don’t be dragged. This month, you have the option to choose.


Your integrity and pride will force you to fulfill your greatest desires. You can achieve any goal with the right planning. As long as you believe you are worthy of receiving incredible gifts from the universe, you can accomplish it. You will have the passion and determination to make your dreams come true with Venus’s plunge into Scorpio on September 10, and Mars’s four-day leap into Libra four days later. September will be a great month if you are determined to achieve your goals and put in the effort to cultivate them. Libra, life is endless. Keep this in mind when you start to doubt yourself or second-guess during Mercury retrograde (September 27). It is possible to do anything. The word “impossible”, in fact, means “I’m Possible.”


Negativity can be disengaged and you should align yourself with positive emotions. During the Virgo new Moon on September 6, and the Venusian alliance for your Sun sign on September 10, you will decide that you no longer need to be a part the gossip and chaos swirling around in your friendship circle. When Mars enters Libra on September 14, you are realizing that it is best to concentrate on yourself and not on the drama in your peers. You will thrive as long as you do all the work required during the Full Harvest Moon on September 20. Mercury’s backwards journey on September 27 is not a time for you to neglect self-care. It’s important that you give yourself more love.


You will feel like you are part of a community during the September dog days. This will be a great feeling to have when you are struggling or feel lonely. Mars’s planetary entry into Libra on September 14th, followed by the Fall Equinox on September 22 and the kickoff of Libra season on September 22nd, will bring you together with an amazing group of people who will be there for you through all of it (and vice versa). Their tender acts will ensure that you don’t feel isolated in your most difficult times. You will be able to offer them a lasting friendship in return for their generosity and kindness.


You’re getting caught up in the mundane energy of your life, unfortunately. Good news! The September 6 Virgo new Moon will awaken you from your seasonal slumber. This new moon will encourage you to make big decisions and take bold steps towards changing the world. You’ll want to broaden your professional horizons when the Full Harvest Moon is in Pisces on September 20. You will feel more energetic after the Fall Equinox and beginning of Libra Season on September 22. This will boost your energy and enable you to take greater risks with your work.


You feel uncertain and restless about the future. You are allowing your anxieties and worries to take over your life by living rent-free inside your head. These sentiments are not unique. Talk to a friend, family member or therapist about your worries during the Virgo new Moon on September 6th and the Full Harvest Moon September 20th. This rollercoaster ride of emotions doesn’t have to be your own. Talk it out – Mercury’s retrograde begins September 27th and will help you see the larger picture. To create a dynamic mind and feel well, you can shift and change your consciousness.


It has been a long journey to achieve success. Now, it is finally here. Venus’s September 10 shift into Scorpio will give you the boost to use your artistic gifts and talents. September is the perfect time to share handmade goods on Etsy if you have been contemplating doing so. Mars’s September 14th ingress into Libra will ignite the fire within you to work hard. It will be amazing to see how quickly your small business grows and develops into something greater than you could have imagined. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your small business will grow and evolve. By September 22, you will have cash in abundance, brimming with cash.

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