Lori Harvey on the Merits of Eye Cream & Lash Extensions

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26-year old me wakes up with purple hollows under my eyes every morning. So when Lor Harvey, a 24-year-old model, tells me that she can’t live on her own without eye cream, it’s clear we’ll be friends. Harvey told me recently that her eye-cream formula is her most proud product of the skin-care products she has just launched, SKN by LH. Harvey, a self-described “eye-cream enthusiast”, says that “Dark circles and bags are a part of my family. My mom used to tell me that I should be very diligent about applying my eye cream when I was younger. She said that prevention is better than corrective action.”

Harvey was mindful of her real-life skin issues, under-eye darkening, dryness, and sensitivity when designing SKN By LH. She says, “I have rosacea so my skin gets irritated and it manifests as these acne-like bumps. I used 20 different products to get my skin glowing when I was a child. I wanted radiant skin and was aware of my sensitivities. There had to be an easier way. ”

Harvey’s skin today is “radiant” in every way. She credits three skin-care products. “I found that the game-changers for my skin were vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide,” she says. “They help with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, brightening, and firming, so I made sure those were the three main ingredients in all of my products.”

SKN by LH contains five products. Harvey refers to them as her “full regimen”: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and eye cream. Each product is used day and night in the same order.

Harvey uses a variety of products on her skin, including the SKN by LH skincare routine. Her line doesn’t include sunscreen at the moment, but she promises that it will soon. In the interim, she’s using Supergoop! Unseen SPF 40 followed by a “no makeup makeup” look. Harvey says, “I usually do a bit of NARS creamy radiant concealer, bronzer and some blush, then I’m outta the door.”

Harvey places extra emphasis on the lips and lashes. “Pat McGrath is my go-to lip gloss. It’s richly pigmented, glides on easily, and lasts all night.” Harvey says that she also always uses a brown MAC lip liner in the shade Cork. “I love lash extensions. Recently, I discovered that I am allergic to mascara, or strip lashes. I cannot use it because it causes me to get dark circles under my eyes.” I agreed again, and swiped a ring finger below my lash line to remove mascara. Now I am considering how much more awake and refreshed I could look with Harvey-approved eye creams and eyelash extensions.

woman with brown curly hair

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