Ciara’s New Luxury Fashion Brand is the Closest You’ll Get To Shopping Her Closet

brown wooden table with chairs

Do you dream of dressing like Ciara? You can now get one step closer to Ciara’s dream with her luxury fashion brand. Ciara, who is also known as the singer of “Love Is The Answer”, announced the launch of LITA (aka “Love Is The Answer”) on August 26th. This clothing line was inspired by her stylish past. Ciara posted on Instagram, “I have always had an incredible passion for fashion. It’s the best way I feel I can express myself. ” The House of LR&C will continue to develop the brand.

brown wooden table with chairs

Ciara’s connection with fashion started when she was a kid, “from a childhood obsession with my grandmother’s closet in which every item was perfectly tailored to playing dress up in my Mom’s clothes, and sometimes even my Dad’s.” She has now created clothing that gives back over the past few decades. The packaging and products are sustainably sourced. Three percent of the sales go to Ciara, Russell Wilson’s non-profit for disadvantaged youth.

LITA features knits, jackets, pants, dresses, and accessories with a connection to Ciara’s personal closet. “It was inspired by vintage and the staple pieces I had in my closet.” She explained that she is a High-Low fashion girl and Tom Boy Chic is her style. Luxury is indeed the name of the game, with the cheapest accessory selling for $98 while the most expensive jacket selling for $898. Shop the entire LITA collection online if you are looking to add some luxury pieces to your collection.

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