How can you make your hair volume when you wake up with flat hair?

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Do you notice your hair is lacking volume? Here are three ways to reverse this trend.

Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of dry shampoo

Spray some dry shampoo on the roots of your hair before you go to sleep to get rid of the problems caused by hairwashes. Is that right? To reduce the appearance of “flat hair” when you wake up. Dry shampoo adds texture to hair fibres and “helps” lift hair at roots.

woman near wall

For sleeping, try this clever hairstyle

You might be one of those women who sleep with your hair up. If so, you can try “spider braids” before going to bed to give volume to your flat hair. This is a quick and simple technique. Begin by separating your hair. Next, mark a middle section. Then make a second parting from ear-to-ear to create four braids. To ensure that your roots are full, braid the front sections. Continue this process with the back sections. After you get up, take out the braids. Now, ruffle your hair by leaning forward.

The perfect styling product to use when you get up in the morning

Texturizing powder is great for people with a short pixie cut. To prevent residue from settling on your natural hair parting, apply it to your scalp. Next, lift your hair up at the roots with your hands.

Here’s a tip from the pros

To maximise the effect when the weight of your hair is weighing down your hairstyle, finish off styling with some backcombing. A top tip? Use a comb to brush your hair towards the roots.

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