My $15 hair routine was replaced by a $289 version

You may have spotted Augustinus Bader’s ‘The Cream’ nestled in the bathroom #shelfies of stars like Hailey Bieber, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Beckham. A-listers rave about the results of the iconic moisturizer, beauty editors repeatedly list it as their hero product and in-demand makeup artists like Pati Dubroff and Hung Vanngo can’t get enough.

The moisturizer won numerous awards for its scientific-backed efficacy since its debut in 2018. You may be curious about the ingredients. The 50ml bottles cost $265. It was developed by Dr. Augustinus Bader, a internationally-recognized stem-cell specialist, biomedical scientist and physician. Bader was formulating a gel for third-degree burns and discovered how to stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process. The formula was so effective in skincare that Bader created Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8r).

The brand has since expanded its skincare range with a serum, body products and a moisturizer. Augustinus Bader began to focus on haircare this year, after 18 months of developing the formula. It now offers a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment.

Bader explained that hair, like skin, is controlled by natural forces. This slows down over time and can lead to undesirable but reversible outcomes. “We’ve developed a system that supports hair’s ability to regrow by translating our award-winning technology to stimulate cellular renewal.” They are stylish in their Instagram-famous rose gold and blue packaging and claim to be suitable with all hair types.

My main focus is skincare, as I am a huge fan of bargain-beauty. My hair is often neglected. My hair is naturally straight and spends most of my time in a ponytail. My hair is oily and fine. I need to wash it every day (sorry Greta!). Because of my length, I use a lot of shampoo and conditioner. However, I don’t have a preference for any particular brand. I currently use Monday Haircare. As a typical millennial, I was attracted to the pink bottle. I use Josh Wood Permanent Colour in 9.0 Blonde to dye my hair at home once a week.

The Augustinus Bader hair products cost $289 combined. But I couldn’t resist trying them. For two weeks, I swapped out my regular products.

Shampoo alone costs $55. It contains a clear gel which lathers well and rinses easily. It’s light and clean, which is great for my fine hair. However, I am unsure how it would perform on very dry or coily hair. Ingredient-wise, there is bamboo extract which is supposed to increase blood circulation in scalp. There’s also vitamin B5 to soften and shine hair, as well as watercress, Indian cress and Indian cress extracts that support keratin formation, and neem extract for treating and preventing hair loss.

The price reflects the impressive ingredients, but while my hair felt squeaky clean afterwards, there was no wow moment in terms of results. Although I believe the ingredients will improve my hair’s health over the long-term, the price of $55 for 200ml is prohibitive compared to Monday’s shampoo for $6.99 for 350ml.

The Conditioner, $55, is another story. The conditioner instantly transformed my hair into silky strands and made brushing easier. Coconut oil provides moisture and shine, while Oat kernel oil supports elasticity. This product is superior from the beginning. It made my hair feel healthier.

The most expensive product in the range is the Scalp Treatment at $80. Scalp care is an extension to facial skin. It’s perhaps the key to Adele’s bounce. This product claims to stimulate hair growth and energize tired hair follicles. I applied a few drops to my towel-dried hair, and gently massaged it in. The benefits of hazel leaf extract are said to boost collagen and increase blood flow to scalp. Although this serum gave my hair a little volume without oiliness, I felt a little bit meh about it. To be honest, I didn’t notice or feel any significant difference.

I went on to the Leave-In Hair Treatment, 50 dollars. This treatment is described as weightless and I believe it. Regularly dyeing my hair means that the ends are dry. My hair is limp if I use more than a weekly hair mask. I applied a small amount of the product from the middle-lengths down to my hair and it instantly smoothed. This product has really given my hair a lifeline. The moisture-boosting plant extracts are probably what is responsible. A wonderful .zhoosh .of volume can be created with your fingertips when using this, too. This miracle oil is amazing and I cannot wait to give my hair a second chance.

The Leave-In Treatment was so effective, I didn’t feel like I needed it. The Hair Oil, $50. To be thorough, I tested it several times over the course of two weeks. It was too heavy for me, which I was wrong. My hair was nourished with a blend of argan and pomegranate oils. These oils can reduce hair breakage and protect from heat damage. It repairs split ends too, according to 87% of the testers.

Although I would be honest with you if the range didn’t live up to its promises, it is true that some products deliver tangible results. After discussing this article with my best friend, I reluctantly texted her “Shit. It’s great.” It makes my hair feel light, clean and moisturized. My hair is thicker than before, although I don’t have the Duchess of Cambridge volume. Although it’s hard to judge hair growth over two weeks, I noticed that my breakage was lessening. One thing is certain: The price. The Shampoo is not something I would spend money on, but The Conditioner and The Leave-In Treatment are.

The Conditioner is great for dry hair. The Leave-In Treatment contains powerful ingredients that will give your hair some extra care. Top tip: Depending on your hair type, opt for either The Leave-In Treatment or The Hair Oil, rather than layering both. As a treat, I will be buying The Conditioner and The Leave-In Treatment again. But until I win the lottery, I won’t be splurging on everything. Back in a ponytail you go, hair.

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