Filippa K launches a gender-fluid AW21 campaign together with poet Kai Isaiah Jamal

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Kai Isaiah Jamal, a poet, activist, and model, stars in two new Filippa K campaign, where she is seen wearing a variety of the latest AW21 collections from various fashion houses.

Kai is seen in the main line with a campaign called What Lies Within. It features minimal cashmere sweaters, dresses, frayed turtlenecks, and large wool coats.

As a response to the year’s uncertainty, the brand chose a less is more design approach when creating the collection. They returned it to its core and took a less-iss-more approach to designing the collection. A bright red mohair sweater is the highlight of the collection’s neutral tones. The label explained that the bold choice was made to symbolize being comfortable in your own skin.

Jamal, alongside their activism and poetry, has been a prominent name in the fashion world. They were featured in a Calvin Klein campaign worldwide and were the first Black transmodel to walk for Louis Vuitton in January. You can see Jamal wearing both menswear pieces and womenswear pieces throughout Filippa K campaigns.

The Swedish fashion house also debuted the AW21 Soft Sports collection. Kai was part of the team and interpreted the collection using a different poem called “The Strength in Between”. This line can be worn for leisure or active activities, and is both fashionable and functional.

Soft Sport is a bolder collection than the primary collection. It features bold silhouettes and colours that are inspired by 90’s basketball. A bright red puffer jacket is the highlight. It contrasts well with black track pants and white tees. Some pieces are still available in colors closer to skin, such as seamless leggings or bra tops that fit well into the Soft Sports category.

Kai wrote two poems that sought to capture the essence of both collections using the power of words. What Lies Within, the main line, focuses on how clothes can define us and give us the confidence to be who we are. The Strength in Between explores the strength of being both gentle and powerful. This sentiment is evident throughout the Soft Sport collection.

grayscale photo of topless woman

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