Too cool to swim in the pool?… Holidaywear brings summer to the city

woman in beige tube dress

Designers, from Pucci to Gap, as well as celebrities like Rihanna, are adopting the beach chic trend for sunny urban days.

woman in beige tube dress

Terry towelling, the absorbent towel-like fabric synonymous both with 1950s poolside glamour – thanks to Emilio Pucci – and 1970s Bognor Regis bonhomie – thanks to Butlin’s – is back. You can find it everywhere, from La Veste in Spain to Gap to Balenciaga to lingerie. Rihanna posted a video on Twitter recently wearing lime-green Terry undies.

But terry towelling is just one tiny, practical cog in the broader moment for all things holiday style. According to fashion website The Cut, “Where” is a term that describes city dwellers wearing the clothes of long-distance hikers. What we can call “holidaycore”, however, sees beach kaftans being redesigned for city streets and sun-lounger stripes appearing on dresses and bucket hats. You will find pieces that shout tropical island joys, like crochet tops or basket bags, in UK parks.

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