Pacsun launches ThredUp technology as a resale option

Pacsun, a multibrand retailer, has teamed up with ThredUp in order to offer a 360-resale program that allows customers to resell or shop second-hand clothing through Pacsun’s website.

Pre-Loved Pac is part of ThredUp’s Resale–as-a–Service (RaaS), which allows the company to create a white-labeled resale channel that can be used by a brand.

Pacsun’s new platform features a digital shop and clean-out program, as well as cash-out offers for customers. This is all part of Pacsun’s youth-centered strategy to create a scalable resale opportunity.

ThredUp stated in a release that the platform’s elements are designed to encourage customers to “rotate their wardrobe sustainably, purchase second-hand and get credit to repeat it”, adding that the platform includes elements.

Pacsun now offers Clean Out Kits that can be filled with clothes from any brand and shipped to ThredUp free of charge. Customers can be paid in Pacsun gift certificates for resoldable items.

“Providing value to our customers and reducing our carbon footprint …”

Mimi Ruiz, Pacsun’s vice president of e-commerce, stated that Pacsun is committed to digital innovation and providing services that customers love and use. “Our community embraces sustainable fashion already, so we wanted to integrate that into our brand experience.”

Ruiz said: “When we heard about ThredUp’s RaaS offering we thought it would make a great match. ThredUp’s technology allowed us to quickly get our resale program up and running. This added value was able to bring value to our customers, while also reducing our carbon footprint.

ThredUp CEO James Reinhart stated that the introduction of a Pacsun resale option into Pacsun was “logical for many reasons”, the most important being the ability to tap into a service its customers already want.

Reinhart said, “With Pacsun’s Gen Z customer base, resale not only is an ideal fit for Pacsun’s demographic, but it’s also an untapped growth opportunity for the business.”

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