LFW SS22: Tiger of Sweden

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Tiger of Sweden, a Stockholm-based brand, took to the London Fashion Week runway for its Performance collection. It was presented in a physical event at Montague square Garden and streamed live on social media.

Bryan Conway, the label’s designer director, created the collection. It aimed to combine performance and movement, calling it “a visual exploration about how the body moves, linking both energy and expression.” The collection examined how sportswear is constructed using various design techniques. This was done in an effort to create a new approach to performance wear.

As part of this collection, fitted shirts, oversized pants and floral dresses were paired with hoodies and anoraks. Items crafted from activewear and tailoring were made using experimental silhouettes as well as functional details with the ultimate goal to enhance the wearer’s movement.

Models performed live dance routines during the show to emphasize this exploration. The label used a unique colour scheme to add an extra element to the display. The collection’s centrepiece was made up of whites juxtaposed with vivid and neutral tones. Greys, blues, and blacks were the dominant colours.

Tiger of Sweden presented its first additions to the unisex All Collection as part of the presentation. This tailored suit is suitable for all genders and marks the beginning of the line that will be accessible to everyone. It also includes a variety of wardrobe staples like biker jackets, white shirts, and crew neck sweaters.

Watch the full show below.

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