This K-Drama is pulling me out of my sweatpants ennui

woman in blue long sleeve shirt and white pants

After wearing sweatpants for over a year, I suddenly crave a glamorous return of dressing up. K-drama Vincenzo is the key to my success.

My elastic-waist ennui was shattered when my led me to ( I was smitten by Vincenzo Cassano (the title character), which is swoon worthy. But also by the new take on power suiting, brought to you today by the top tailoring stars: JayBaek Couture and Max Mara. Scene after scene of sharp shoulders, pressed pleats and tailored waistcoats, as well as bespoke button-downs with gold collar pins, made me sigh. Even Vincenzo’s silk pajamas look achingly beautiful – they are as far from the sweatpants cocoon that I have been living in for the last year.

woman standing on gray road selective focal photo

While K-dramas are often compared with telenovelas due to their dramatic nature, beautiful cast of actors, serial nature, and high drama. K-dramas can be found in many genres, from historical period pieces to horrors of the zombie kind to others. Although the shows usually last for a single season, unlike American shows, they are typically 20 episodes long and each episode can run up to 90 minutes. K-dramas are enjoying a huge popularity due to their rich content and the increasing availability of streaming services. According to the Korean Tourism Organization, more than half of all foreigners who visited Korea after viewing a K-drama.

I feel like when I try to list all of my favorite parts of Drama, adventure, and, most importantly, capital-F Fashion are all part of the series.

woman in blue long sleeve shirt and white pants

Summer dressing usually conjures up thoughts of bright and sexy, but here I am lusting over three-piece suiting and chic, old-fashioned accessories like pressed handkerchiefs, engraved Zippo lighters, and paisley silk scarves worn while horseback riding on an undercover mission. My wardrobe lust doubled when Vincenzo is joined by Hong Cha-Young, a chic and cutthroat lawyer (played here by jeonyeobin). Cha-Young is dressed in a never ending parade of suits that make me want to throw all my hoodies.

Here’s some good news if you’re as whipped as I am: you can still snap up some of Cha-Young and Vincenzo’s stunner pieces to add to your post-sweatpants pivot.

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