Kelly Augustine on How to Style Danielle Brooks’s Internet-Breaking Engagement Shoot

shallow focus photography of two person holding hands

Danielle Brooks required the help of industry leaders to make Dennis Gelin’s production unforgettable. She was able to rely on her trusted team, which included Kelly Augustine, long-time stylist. Kelly deserves credit for the amazing outfits Danielle wore to the sexy shoot. They ranged from stunning red carpet-worthy gowns to beaded bustiers.

Kelly told us she felt “humbled” when Danielle asked her to be a part of the styling for her engagement photos. It’s one thing styling for editorial and press, but it’s quite another to style intimately for an engagement shoot. It is important to trust people. Kelly’s vision was what Danielle believed in and she let the stylist do the rest. KareemVirgo, photographer, coordinated the locations and color palette. But one thing was more important than all: “[Danielle] wanted to look hot!” Mission accomplished.

shallow focus photography of two person holding hands

The actress wore several spectacular looks for her and Dennis’s engagement shoot, and Kelly can’t choose a favorite. You wouldn’t choose when Edwin Reyes made a stunning hand-beaded corset with more than 8,000 pearls. Kelly wore a custom brown gown by Nneka from Brides by Nona and Ilbert Sanchez custom “something blue” suits from Garcon Couture.

Kelly said she can see comparisons to She explained that marriage is essentially you and your partner fighting the world. “So we harnessed that energy and applied it to Danielle’s and Dennis’ personalities. Although Danielle will keep her wedding look secret until the big day, Kelly will be there for her. “I can only say that she will look fabulous!” We would not expect anything less.

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