Rens Slip-On Sneakers made from Used Coffee Grounds are a hot topic

brown coffee beans on brown wooden table

I was that college student who believed they had developed a tolerance to caffeine from the numerous cups of coffee they drank to power their midterm papers and peer reviews. It’s been almost two years since I last drank it. – I still love coffee. My cup-of-Joe-loving heart was even more intrigued to learn that Rens Original shoes were launched in 2019 by Jesse Tran (Vietnamese) and Son Chu (Finnish), both of whom are coffee waste collectors.

brown coffee beans on brown wooden table

Each Rens sneaker consists of coffee! The sole is made of natural rubber and the yarn from coffee waste has antibacterial and antiodor qualities. In many Scandinavian languages, “Ren” can also mean “clean” or pure. Talk about being sustainable! They are breathable and waterproof so you can go in puddles if necessary (I have worn my pair in the rain several times to prove it).

The specific shoes I received were $119. I must say, they are convenient when I’m heading out the door to run errands, when I’m walking (read: being walked by) my dogs, or when I just need a burst of something unique to turn a bland outfit into a bold one.

The hashtag symbol, which is located on the upper part of the shoes, isn’t something you would normally see on shoes. Tran explained to us that it symbolizes community and a movement worth supporting. I am all for sharing a message that the world can see.

brown ampersand concrete statue inside an intermodal container

Rens’s efforts , and now Tran and Chu are launching a new sneaker called the Nomad, also made from coffee waste but designed as more of a performance sneaker with laces and added functionality. Tran stated that although I have worn my Rens while running uphill on the treadmills, the Nomads have a special amortization quality. They are designed for running, as well as other activities. He said that Rens are an “urban” shoe, despite the fact many people use them for dancing or certain gym sessions.

“What we want to convey with Rens is something really edgy, really intense,” Tran said. It’s about creating a sustainable brand that is accessible to the brave generations. Rens is a sneaker startup changing the production industry by using caffeine to help “lighten” our environmental footprint. They are unique, attention-grabbing, and statement-making. They’re also different. . . Different is better.

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