Are trousers the new jeans in 2021?

woman in black dress wearing brown leather flats

For a good decade or so back there, it seemed like jeans had killed off trousers. The black trouser was replaced by the dark skinny jean, which became the go-with-anything staple of dressing. White jeans were the summer’s go-to outfit and palazzo pants and chinos went extinct. Different silhouettes of denim – low-rise, high-waisted and mom-or-dad jeans, balloon-leg, carrot-shape or balloon-leg – were used to define our outfits. Trousers lost their charm somewhere along the way. These were the pants you wore to work if you didn’t feel like wearing something more stylish, such as a dress.

man in green jacket and blue denim jeans standing on green grass field during daytime

But after a year of sweatpants, trousers are back. Jeans are too stiff with their metal buttons, rigid waistbands and stiff denim. After you’ve acclimatized to jersey and drawstring, they can be a real shock to your system. It’s like changing from a tracksuit into jeans. The office dress code is a strange, almost exotic, look that many people don’t like. But I think we should definitely give a try to new designs!

woman in black dress wearing brown leather flats

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