The newest evolution of the Y2K Fashion Revival are Butterfly Prints

person in white and blue converse all star high tops

It would be difficult to find a fashion trend from the early aughts that hasn’t returned in 2021. Summer accessories include colorful rings, halters, and tube tops. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski may even be able make low-rise jeans work. The return of the butterfly pattern is the latest trend, and we can only assume that Emily Ratajkowski would be proud.

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As unpredictable as fashion trends may be in this digital age (no one saw the undoing of skinny jeans coming), the return of the poppy, fun-loving print actually makes total sense. The fashion lover is now looking for outfits that are different from last year’s, including pastel checkered patterns and the reign of the psychoedelic motif. It’s the attention-grabbing and irresponsible attributes of clothes that are attracting fashion girls right now. And is there anything more joyful and lighthearted than a garment brightly decorated with one of natures most delicate creatures. Recent runway collections have been able to sense the current zeitgeist and reflect it. Blumarine’s fall 2021 collection was full of nostalgia, with crystal-embellished butterflies on belts, necklaces and bodysuits as well as a knit sweater in a butterfly-shaped shape. The resort 2022 collection at Lanvin incorporated a butterfly print and a cami-strapped, lace-lined slip dress. This was another iconic 2000s look.

person in white and blue converse all star high tops

The biggest trendsetters wasted no time hopping on board – Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa both wore butterfly-shaped bodices referential of Mariah’s iconic 2000s Divas Awards top, and Bella Hadid was recently spotted in Paris wearing *that* Blumarine collection, down to the butterfly-stamped belt.

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