Frank Ocean launches Luxury Jewelry Brand Homer and the Accessories are Out of This World

gold-and-silver-colored pendant necklace

American officially makes his fashion debut. Luxury accessories brand has been launched by the new designer, who includes high-quality jewelry and silk scarves printed in Italy. You can see the designs with diamonds in the American lab. The rest of the details are made up of 18K gold, recycled silver and hand-painted enamel. Ocean’s pieces are all inspired by childhood fascinations and heritage as a dream. Homer was chosen to symbolize “carving history into stone,” according the company’s press release.

gold-and-silver-colored pendant necklace

At the current time, Homer can only be purchased in the New York City shop, located at 70-74 Bowery, New York, NY, and all must be made on the website. Ocean took photos of the first collection and tapped Tyrone Lebon, a long-time collaborator, to photograph the catalog. This reveals the prices and what looks like a future partnership with Prada is also coming soon.

gold love letter letter on white surface

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