FALKE Apparel & ClimaWool Winter 2022/23

FALKE Heritage Apparel collection for Autumn/Winter 2022/23 features a range of premium, high-quality products that can be worn in elegant or sporty fashions. The predominant natural materials are soft, warm, such as cashmere, merino wool extrafine and Pima Cotton. For a technical finish, functional materials like nylon can also be used.

Pima Cotton Essentials Polo Shirts are timeless FALKE staples and must-haves. You can casually combine polo shirts with cotton hoodies, sweatshirts or sweatpants in loose fitting. Extra-fine merino jumpers are perfect for a business look. This material is also suitable for cardigans and turtleneck styles.

Timeless Classics .Wearable, timeless pieces are important in every collection. For casual, timeless style, a sporty zip jacket with matching trousers for men is a great choice. In colder weather, a padded waistcoat made of recycled wool will keep you warm. The capsule’s highlight is a wine-red turtleneck sweater with matching trousers for the ladies. A waistcoat in recycled wool can be combined with sporty nylon. The outfit is completed by a pair of soft, knitted virgin wool jumpers and a cardigan.

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Luxury – Structures From Nature

The capsule combines warm cashmere with soft virgin wool. Men’s winter wear jumpers with stand up collars or other collar options. They can be paired with casual cashmere pants. A hoodie provides a cosy look. Jumpers and trousers made with special knitting techniques are the best choices for women. You can combine different styles to make cosy, soft outfits that are also suitable for business wear.

Luxury – Rustique

Particularly warm items make up the last capsule. The last capsule is made from recycled wool and polyamide, which gives it a warm feeling. Styles for both men and women are adorned with Norwegian-inspired patterns. Women can add a feminine touch to their outfits with skirts and dresses, while men can wrap up warm in a jacket when it gets cold. The capsule is a great way to wear rough boots with woolly knit accessories in winter.

FALKE ClimaWool A new FALKE line of climate-regulating wool-Lyocell blended products

FALKE will add a new line of articles for women and men to its sustainable FALKE-WE CARE campaign in autumn/winter 2022/23. This is a program that promotes environmentally friendly and socially responsible production.

FALKE ClimaWool socks are a blend of elegance and functionality that perfectly fits into the high-quality, innovative FALKE product range. A particularly even knit of TencelTM Lyocell and Merino wool ensures a lightweight feel that is suitable for all occasions. The socks are temperature-balancing and reliably regulate moisture and odour. The socks’ advanced material construction, which combines polyamide with merino, with Betaspun technology protects the yarns against abrasion. This makes them a premium, durable product. For extra comfort, the women’s version has a plush sole.

The line will be available in 19 different colors for the launch. FALKE once again shows its color competence in the sector of legwear. The range includes a classic calf-length socks, as well as a pair of sneakers and a knee-length socks. The range will be completed later with a pair of women’s tights. FALKE ClimaWool can be worn with any type of shoe or outfit. It is the perfect all-rounder for people who have high standards in every aspect of daily life.


FALKE, a family-owned business that has been active in the global marketplace for 126 years, stands for legwear made from high-quality materials and manufactured with great craftsmanship and attention. FALKE is known for its deep knowledge of yarns and manufacturing methods, which has been passed down through generations. FALKE products are renowned for their quality promise. However, customers can also choose a manufacturer that is committed to socially and environmentally responsible action. FALKE – WE CARE brings together all the recent and past measures taken to improve the sustainability of the company.

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