Style with a twist: Stars adopt playful pigtails for tame lockdown hair

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This look hides temporary issues and is very easy to achieve. It also pays a retro tribute to 90s fashion.

Fashionable women are finding creative ways to manage their hair without the need for a professional haircut. A new hairstyle that is more associated with school days: pigtails.

Glamourous, grown-up women are now wearing plaits. Kim Kardashian West, who is known for her long hair and love of hair extensions, shared an Instagram photo last week showing her with Saint. She had her hair in pigtails. Tracee Ellis Ross, the owner of Pattern haircare, frequently wears pigtails and posted a YouTube video last week showing how to do it.

standing woman holding her pig tail tied hair pouting her lips in front of building

The style has been worn by Mary-Kate Olsen and Taylor Swift, as well as Lily-Rose Depp. Nomadland’s director, Chloe Zhao, won her best director and best movie awards at the Golden Globes via Zoom in a simple green top with pigtails.

Some Vogue staffers have revealed that they have reverted to the hairstyle as a working-from-home solution. “I have been having trouble with my hair lately. Despite my various efforts, it lies limp, flat, and that’s something I am reminded of every time I see myself in Zoom,” Ella Riley-Adams, US Vogue’s senior beauty and senior living editor, said in an article in Vogue. “While I’m still looking for solutions, pigtails offer a sweet alternative.”

Jacqueline Kilikita is the beauty editor at Refinery29. She says that the trend was partly a result of current restrictions. “With salons closing until April 12, it makes sense that our preference for quick and fuss-free styles that can be done ourselves is clear. The pigtails, as Mary-Kate did, conceal hair damage like DIY dye mistakes or dry lengths that need to be treated at a salon.”

Pigtails can be used for all hair types. Kilikita says that “[the] tutorials show that pigtails look great on everyone, take only minutes to achieve, and work for all hair types.” The app’s black beauty content creators are creating pigtails that can be used for afro hair.

Pigtails are endorsed by celebrities and have a cool factor. They were popular in the 90s when they were worn by Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and many others. Kilikita says that fashion and beauty lovers are obsessed by 90s hair trends. “Tendrils and blunt-cut bobs are still very popular but pigtails have taken over,” she said. That is, at least until the salons are open.

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