We break down Lori Harvey’s casual yet extravagantly expensive outfit, featuring low-rise denim

We can’t escape this! Although I refuse to believe that 20 years ago was flattering, Lori Harvey is an exception to the rule. Lori Harvey was spotted in Beverly Hills recently looking relaxed and stylish in a casual, but very special outfit.

Wearing a scoop-neck bra and baggy Vetements x Levi’s jeans with the logo plastered across the front, Lori topped off her ensemble with a pair of silver jewelry.

If we had to guess, Lori’s casual designer outfit totals an estimated $5,000 – the purse itself is almost two grand – so we’ll just be admiring the look from our screens. This outfit is hard not to notice, with its bright-green accessories and her sculpted, shiny abs.

person in gray distressed pants

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