Tapestry donates $3 million to WWF for its leather traceability program

Tapestry Foundation announced a partnership to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This grant will provide three million dollars to support the development and implementation of a system that improves traceability in Brazil’s leather value chains.

Tapestry is the luxury group that owns Coach, Kate Spade New York, and Stuart Weitzman. The foundation said in a press release that the donation was part of a series of recent philanthropic endeavors. Each of these initiatives aims to support a responsible supply chain, which other industries can also adopt.

This new program aims to combat deforestation in Amazon and Cerrado biomes. It will also help with cattle-raising by developing a standard that certifies deforestation and leather free from conversion. This grant will be used to support community partners and reforestation efforts within high-risk areas.

“We believe that the leather sector can establish a science-based and data-driven certification beyond what is currently in place,” stated Mauricio Bauer, WWF’s senior director for beef and leather supply chains. “This program will be implemented in collaboration with government agencies and other market participants to create a system that improves traceability and provides a clear chain for custody.”

Bauer said, “The Tapestry Foundation’s crucial investment will help industry work together to collect needed research and in creating a standard that works both for the environment and the local communities.”

Tapestry and WWF announced that they would create a group of organizations dedicated to traceability efforts. They also plan to meet to build a network and address the problem.

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