Zadig&Voltaire’s 2025 global strategy includes sustainability goals

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Luxury brand Zadig&Voltaire is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It has revealed its global development strategy. The focus is on brand acceleration and ambitious goals for 2025. The brand’s goals include a 36% increase in boutiques and 30 percent revenue from digital sales. Accessories will make up 50 percent of the revenue, and products must be traced and certified. The plan for expansion in China is also detailed, with a focus on expanding its distribution network.

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Increased global presence

In order to grow the business in China, Zadig&Voltaire created Sadige with Jean Lahirle, China CEO. The brand plans to increase its distribution to 60 retail outlets in 2025, along with its 16 boutiques and Tmall presence.

Remy Baume, CEO of Zadig&Voltaire said that the brand’s message, which is based on a relaxed, nonchalant and free approach to luxury has been well received by Chinese consumers over the past 10 years. The brand’s goal is to expand its reach through better communication and easy access to its collections via its digital platforms and boutique network.

The label also stated that it plans to increase its operating base of 36 percent and open 122 new stores in France by 2025.

Digitalisation focus

Zadig&Voltaire reported on how the company’s digital sales have doubled and stabilised at 25% of its total revenue since the outbreak. It welcomed Jonathan Attali as its new digital marketing director and has set a new global acceleration strategy to increase digital sales to 30 percent by 2025.

Its approach to an omnichannel strategy is based on pre-order policies and greater control over responsible production.

Attali commented about the target: “Zadig&Voltaire has grown with digital technology and are determined to keep ahead of the market by more and more focusing upon innovation in order to offer customers not only a seamless global experience but also real entertainment.”

Sustainable development

Helene Jessua was added to the team in February as the director of sustainable developments. The label now announces VoltAIRe, its global sustainable development program, and has targets for 2025.

Baume stated that the VoltAIRe program aims to accelerate the positive actions that have been in place for a while in order to be recognized as a leader in this field. VoltAIRe is the name of the program. Its main purpose is to preserve the air, our common resource. We can contribute on our own to make luxury more eco-friendly.

The four-pillar programme is divided into four pillars. The first focuses on sustainable products and packaging. It states that it will use 100% environmentally traceable responsible, traceable materials both raw and recycled. The programme is already planning to develop and certify organic cotton, virgin cashmere and leather from ‘leather work group’ tanneries.

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Zadig&Voltaire uses certified paper and recycled fibres for most of its packaging, including boutique bags. However, it also wants to eliminate virgin plastic from fossil sources and replace it with biosourced polybags. This will be applied to all packaging with the aim of achieving 100 percent recyclable and sustainable packaging by 2025.

The second pillar is air quality and climate operations. It was established with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to 2025 in accordance with the Paris Agreement. This means that stores will have 100 percent clean air and that new and renovated boutiques will be in line with sustainable store standards.

The third pillar of the pillar is transparency. It focuses on traceability, compliance with supplier codes, and animal welfare initiatives. It aims to create a traceable and certified product range across the entire supply chain by 2025. The fourth pillar is called ‘collective engagement’. It is a label that focuses on the mobilization of communities within the brand. The future goals of this pillar include collective initiatives to further accelerate sustainable luxury.

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