YZY’s 90-dollar hoodie sells at Gap, and resurfaces on Depop for 900 Dollars

man wearing orange pullover hoodie holding smoke flare

Kanye West’s second collaboration was easy to launch with Gap. The YZY brand quietly increased Gap’s share prices after the nylon jacket was made available for pre-order in June. It is a round-shaped puffer with a zipper that can be worn without a zipper in bright blue.

The newest garment, a hoodie priced at 90 dollars, was sold out within hours of its launch on Thursday. It later resurfaced on eBay and Depop for almost 900 dollars.

man wearing orange pullover hoodie holding smoke flare

This is why Kanye West’s designs are so appealing. Gap anticipates that it will bring in 1 billion dollars over 8 years.

Limited editions are produced, which means that the resale market is booming with product collaborations. These often come at high prices for difficult-to-get products. Sneakers by Nike, Adidas and Yeezy can sell for thousands of dollars from old collections. According to Quartz media, the Nike Air Yeezy 2 has a second-highest resale price on The RealReal. It is nearly 2,800% higher than its original tag.

white and black adidas Yeezy Boost SPLY 350 V2 shoe

Gap, a San Francisco-based brand, has struggled to compete with direct-to-consumer brands that have created communities and gained a voice among younger shoppers. Gap’s Kanye West partnership gives it a younger look, which has helped to boost its popularity among the fashion and streetwear crowd.

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