Your Horoscope for the Week of October 17, 2021

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It’s the third week of October and both Mercury and Jupiter have stationed direct – a gentle relief, but a relief nonetheless. Jupiter’s muddy retrograde transit has gone on for about four months, making its impact less acute and its shadow period a lengthy one. Meanwhile, Mercury’s retrograde transit has certainly lived up to its reputation for chaos and confusion this Libra season and despite a shadow period that lasts two weeks, forward movement feels possible once again. However, pleasure and possibility don’t always go along the same path. This was made more apparent by the Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn the 17th. Moving forward requires that you acknowledge the past. However, moving forward does not mean letting go of the past. It is about making peace and allowing others to influence you, even as we become better people.

Mercury in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries on 18th, demonstrating this desire to balance time and life. On the same day, Mars in Libra makes a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, meaning that if we stand still and breathe deeply, we might actually get to feel our spirit widening to hold space for the parts of us that nurture big dreams for a world that is suffering – and for the parts of us that believe in joy even though we are suffering. The belief that you can dream despite despair is a child’s belief. It is also a child’s right to joy. This reminder was seen in the Aries full moon against the night unknowable.

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There is nothing like full moon weeks to induce full moon feelings. Aries people can be fiery, but Libra season has Libras looking more like a firelog ready to light up quickly and burn for hours. It’s okay to feel it, to incite the child within, to make nostalgic recipes, and to put on your most cozy sweater. You can also sit with the hurt that you feel when these parts of yourself are not being taken care of. It’s easier for you to allow yourself to be soft and to see the softness of others.


You know you prefer to be smart than hard and you can plan your most difficult moments. You won’t find a seer guiding you through your future plans unless you have one. Even if such a seer did come, you’ll find that the score is always going to change. According to the saying, life is what happens while you are busy planning other things. The full moon this week encourages you to reflect on the things you attempted to instigate transformation and the ways it chose instead.


It can seem like the difference between one and the other is a matter of context, or of how immediate it is. Learn what decolonization is and what it could mean to you. But sometimes the difference between intellectual acquisition and sea-change is the perception of that information’s impact on who we are and how we are known. It is only fair that our alliances change. The full moon this week can remind you that your communities reflect your efforts to learn more about the world and its hidden sides. It reminds us that belonging, while not always static, is always reciprocal.


There is a good chance you were raised with the idea that our lives can be divided into the private and public realms. This idea may have been brought up in relation to your career and home. You intuitively knew that not all aspects of our lives are organically separated. It’s clear that in these distant and dispersed times, the line between our lives is blurred. Libra season is coming to an end and you, the mooniest sign, anticipate the Aries full Moon. You’ll soon realize that the universe will remind you that your private life is directly related to your public one. You can’t choose between them, even temporarily. You feel secure, you need to belong, and your desire to make a difference in the world and find purpose all tie together.


We are always learning to be in relationships, even though we spend most of our time alone. Because of the nature of humans, it is important to relate to others, animals, land and stories. Leo Risings have been hearing more of these lessons since Saturn entered Aquarius in early 2013. Jupiter’s presence this year has caused a shift in the nature of your lessons. While the shift is good for your spirit, it can also cause growing pains. Your ability to relate to the world around has changed and some of your most difficult attachments have been put into sharp relief. Jupiter’s direct orbit on October 17th will bring out the blurring of your shifting lenses. Take your time and allow the information to sink in before you rush to act. Seeing and being recognized are enough to take action.


Sure there is a lot of transformative power in helping others and a lot to be learned from the relationships we build in our personal and professional lives. As the sign of service, which is a sign that invests in systems and support for others. You have incredible potential to transform your life if you only focus on yourself. The full moon this week in Aries will encourage you to make time for yourself and to have a space where you can be alone. It is difficult to recognize the parts of yourself that are unique and what we have built together with others. Honoring the parts that make us unique from others is difficult, but it allows us to find new ways to combine our strengths.


Joy is difficult to find in the midst global grief. There are cultures that teach their people how to incorporate celebration into mourning. But there are also many that isolate their people when they are most in need of community. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, for another reason, has certainly done its work on your capabilities, pushing you to the limit of your abilities — and for what? Is there another way to change? Isn’t it possible for love to transform us? It does. It does. You have spun the wheel from bottom to top before, but with less certainty. A line from Leonard Cohen’s “Tower of Song,” which speaks of joy and sorrow, comes to mind. “But I feel so near to everything we lost, we won’t lose it again.”


As the Sun drags through Libra’s last degrees, you will feel the drain. Although most Scorpios can survive on coffee for an unspecified (naturally) long time, even the toughest of babes need to get their beauty rest. It’s easier to admit that you need rest than it is to take it. While it is true that the full moon can be inviting to the sandman in a week, full moons in Aries can see some Scorpio placements trying their best to prove they are fully capable of getting to bottom of all the plates they have overloaded. But just because you can’t, doesn’t mean that you should. You don’t have to drive all night just because you can drive. Even machines require power-downs from time to time.


There is nothing wrong with spending some money on yourself and your appearance. This is especially true when Venus is in Sagittarius. Except money is not an object to you, and honestly, even then, it’s important that you recognize when you are acting out of self-celebration or reaching for commodities to distract from a more vulnerable need: to nourish your relationship to pleasure. You know better than anyone that vulnerability can be necessary, being the Zodiac’s risk-taker. Our small acts of avoidance, cheat codes for beauty proximity, are often the result of a culture that encourages creativity throughout our lives, but never calls us creators.


What if you were able to move forward with humor? You might have been thinking of everyone’s best interests, Capricorn. You might need to think about how you can feel free from the demands of others in order to be free from their expectations. If that is true, then we have the freedom to let our hair down, to enjoy ourselves, and to be proud. It turns out that the freedom to do what you want is much more appealing to pursue when it’s available to you from time to time.


As Libra season winds down, you may notice shifts in perspective when it comes to how you relate to others. The dynamics between the parties need not have changed. The dynamics are more apparent, and a pattern you can co-create. You have the power to make it change by simply changing your position. This is a reflection of a larger theme about good faith efforts. The more you are compassionate for yourself (your energy and learning curve, as well as your human needs), then the greater your ambitions will feel. You will find common ground between you and your partner if you have faith in the desire of another person to move towards you.


Rising Accept the signs as they are, not as you would like them to be. You might be tempted to pick and choose. Especially when you realize that even though some excuses may seem compelling, they are still excuses for behaviour that is unlikely to change. This year has taught you a lot about friendship, connection, and how to maintain intimacy. It’s important that you understand that these types of lessons are cyclical, appearing again and again in mundane and magical forms. It doesn’t matter if it feels good or bad now, it will be different tomorrow. You know this too. This is something you already know and it will not change unless we do something about it.

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