Your Horoscope for the Week of October 10, 2021

Oct calendar

It’s the second week in October. There’s also a week of Mercury retrograde. This is a common transit that doesn’t mind making a name for its self. Saturn station direct in Aquarius on Oct 10th. This provides a sort of relief from the exhausting efforts to do the minimum. Saturn pulls out a cushion-less, sturdy chair and says “Here, rest.”

You can take it wherever you can, friends. Even when the first quarter moon in Capricorn arrives on Oct 12, be sure to do so. While you can work hard if you need to, you will find that you are more likely to give the impression that you are doing the work for yourself than the other way around.

There’s never a bad time for you to tune in to Venus in Sagittarius. This influence is similar to that of the snarky high school teacher who wants you to remember that learning can be enjoyable, even if you are learning how to live. Venus in Sagittarius, on the 13th, makes a sextile Saturn in Aquarius, echoing these sentiments. Venus in Libra, Mercury Rx, sextiles Venus Sag, asking us to rewind that experience and possibly find some beats to make our boots go (clap). The Sun in Libra is applying a tight square to Pluto, Capricorn the following day. Discipline is always at the table. It doesn’t matter if you cultivate joy or mourn your losses, feast or fast, it is your decision. Others are more difficult to live with.

Oct calendar


You don’t have to choose between a personal and professional life. It doesn’t matter if you want to maintain a powerful image or feel loved. It’s not necessary to make a choice, but the world will try its best to force you to balance between the public and private worlds. The magic is not in a higher power, although that’s certainly possible, but in you. Faith that you are worthy of the love you show others. Faith that you are able to hold your ground when the winds whip the rope. Faith that you can land gracefully in whatever net you have created for yourself. Faith in your ability and capability to bounce back.


Sometimes, changing your tactics means that you have to admit that you’ve changed. If you take the time to understand what ducks mean and who they are in the world, sometimes your ducks will not get in a row. You’re not afraid to take your time, Taurus. But what many don’t realize is how much time you spend adjusting and evaluating every move you make in the hope that it will be appreciated by all involved. It can be exhausting, and sometimes invisible work so why not stop doing it? Concentrate on what is most important to you. Visualize the work that you would like to do, and imagine yourself in your element. Who are you? What do you want to do in the world?


This week could be very creative for you if you allow it to. You can define what creative means for you, which is a great thing, since you have the gift of creating meaning. Focusing on the process and the creation of the thing, as well as how it can change you, is the key to defining your parameters. Perfectionism is not a good idea, nor is a tidy package or neat end. You can find creative ways to revive your enthusiasm and commitment if you have been involved in a difficult project. Burnout can lead to creation in the same way that a fire cleans a field. You have other ways that can bring you both a sense if purpose and space for play.


Libra season is likely to raise your relationships issues and aspirations. This is especially true when it comes to understanding home and whether you can feel at home with other people. It’s important to think strategically about our futures and to choose wisely our partners. Our focus is often on others, comparing ourselves to other people to determine if they are up to our standards. This is not a good feeling and can lead to a feeling of separation when intimacy is what you desire. Try to be more present in the home that you have been creating within yourself this week and not compare it to others. It’s a beautiful home, as it is. It can also be part of a group of homes that works perfectly in their own ways when you are ready.


Leo’s passion can fuel an all-or-nothing approach. Some things are worth your full effort. But, since your all is quite a bit more than most people’s, it’s worth considering if that kind of out-pour might be more strategically employed in the case of once in a lifetime opportunities rather than… say… a contracted position you’re expected to honor for a series of months. You won’t be able to reduce the effort over time, since you are not someone who likes to be shown up. The stars of this week offer you an opportunity to make a balanced approach to your work schedule that is mindful of your health and does work you are proud to do.


When you make your own decisions, it is not uncommon to question yourself. It’s easy to answer doubt with evidence. It’s possible that you have chosen to do what you love and also worked hard to prove that you are worthy of spending your time doing what you love. There is value in understanding the trade-offs. In a world where almost everyone can be commodified, you have to be chutzpah. These considerations may not apply to your particular situation, but they are applicable to situations in which you need to negotiate what is necessary to make you feel secure and allow you to have meaningful experiences. Your doubts will be dispelled faster than overtime and impossible bench marks by finding ways to acknowledge your efforts and reward them with rest.


Libras can be called indecisive, but Libras-lovers are well aware that once a Libra makes the decision to make it, it is a permanent one. Libras will rarely rely on others’ judgment when it comes to what is important to them. People mistakenly believe that indecision is the same thing as cautiousness. Libras dislike having to choose between the “lesser” of two evils. They prefer to wait until they have no other choice and then just go along with the ride. If you feel pressured to choose between extremes that aren’t in your best interests, this week try to remember that, while some people may resent your resistance, there are more people who admire it. It is better to say no loudly than wait for your downfall to be obvious by your actions to keep the peace.


It might not yet be Scorpio season, but it is definitely spooky season. The death of nature is what the Northern Hemisphere celebrates, while the Southern Hemisphere rejoices in its rebirth. The wheel is turning, and Scorpio knows that it’s a sacred cycle. As your ruling planet Mars continues to be under the stars in Libra, it’s a good idea to keep that ouroboros in mind. Although the transit may make some Martians feel tense, poets and Scorpios know there is much to be gained by being a bit more restrained. Sometimes limitations can give way to a new kind of limitlessness. Sometimes, you need to understand the contours of a container in order to determine where it should be broken and how to do it beautifully.


Venus is like love. She arrives according to her own schedule. It’s better to call the number and leave a message so you can clarify what it is that you are calling. It’s not worth sitting down and getting frustrated when someone’s timeline is different from yours. Venus in Sagittarius is sextiled to Saturn in Aquarius on 13th. This encourages you to reach out and make new connections. The Sun in Libra trine Jupiter on the 15th. This echoes what you already know: There are better ways to use your time, and better ways to invest it. You can show Venus how your life would be and how you want to be loved.


Good news! Saturn will finally station direct on October 10th! But, wait! This Tuesday’s quarter Moon in Capricorn may make you want to start something, but a square to Mars is Libra will remind you of Saturn’s limitations. Mercury Rx isn’t helping the cause. What do you do when the lights are dimming but you want to push the accelerator? Yes to inner work and yes to creating an audience and anticipation for future endeavors. What about some play? You could use the Oct 13th trine of Venus in Sagittarius and Saturn to have some fun while you wait for things to change.


Did know that Aquarius has traditionally answered Saturn’s questions? You would be surprised to know that most of the planets who look up to Saturn for guidance this week, with Venus in Sagittarius now, are actually looking at Aquarius. It was there on October 10th, which is a good thing. What if Tuesday’s first quarter Moon in Capricorn was a call to action?


Libra season can be intense for Pisces babes especially Pisces risings. Libra rules the house. This time of year feels both charged with potential and difficult to access, like a locked door with a combination you’re desperately trying to recall. It’s tempting to get obsessed about it and convince yourself that you will find peace once you have figured out the One Thing. Amerie was lying when she said that it was just “1 thing”; there are always more. You can redirect your attention to allow the answers to come to you in their own time. Mercury Rx in Libra is trinked by Ceres in Gemini, reminding us that transformation can also be achieved through the harvest of our past experiences and not just access to what is behind closed doors.

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