Wrangler incorporates recycled fibres in the autumn 2021 collection

Wrangler, an American brand, has announced that it will incorporate the recycled and recyclable fibre Infinna in its new autumn collection, in partnership with Infinited Fibre Company.

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Infinna is made from textile waste and replaces denim’s cotton. It also uses less water during production. Wrangler’s Infinited Blue AW21 collection includes a number iconic pieces, including its men’s Western jackets and jeans.

Wrangler, a part of Kontoor Brands denim conglomerate, has implemented a number sustainable initiatives in line with its goal to develop a circular supply chain for its products and reduce the environmental impact. The label also launched a platform for sustainability earlier in the year that was centered around these goals and future plans. It was released along with a natural fiber jean collection.

Dhruv, Kontoor Brands’ senior director of innovation and sustainability, stated that Infinited Fibre Company’s collaboration and the introduction Of Infinna “we believe raises the bar in terms the environmental performance of our jeans products without compromising on the comfort and quality customers expect from Wrangler.” In a press release, Dhruv said. “Infinna’s introduction is an additional fiber to cotton, and a significant step forward in the commercialisation of and adoption of circularity within the apparel supply chain.”

Since 2015, the Wrangler and Infinited Fibre Company have been in a relationship. The two companies joined forces to produce the Infinna invention over six years. Wrangler’s Innovation Team contributed to the technology’s development, supporting preliminary testing and assisting with technical requirements.

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