Savile Row by Club of Gents: collection autumn-winter 2022

How does a youth movement come to be? Boredom must be overwhelming. In post-war England, the youth didn’t want to do what their parents wanted them to. “We are young!” Their slogan was “We are the Mods!” They were the traditional non-conformists. They were young dandies who wore a beautiful dress and sped around the streets in their scooters. They were keen to learn dance moves, music, and fashion. Children who dressed better than their parents were a surprise to the establishment. It was sometimes tough and masculine at times, but also classy and elegant at other times – and it was always classically British.

Savile Row’s fall-winter 2022 collection by CG – CLUB of GENTS brings us back to London, specifically to its roots. The season’s design pays tribute to the English Mods, and their rebellious spirit. This is exemplified in the film Quadrophenia. In the 1950s, the British economy was booming and young people had the freedom to create their own lives. Anything that was not in line with the fashion standard was desirable. The fall-winter collection is inspired by the eccentricity of the subculture.

Image: Club of Gents


Music is the foundation of any new subculture. Young Brits were exposed to new music across the Atlantic in the 1950s. They stocked up on US-issued records as a result. Rock ‘n’ Roll was a huge hit and would become the dominant musical style for young people and individualists over the next several decades. Not only were they adored by the local bands, but also The Who. The new music was wild and exuberant, as were the dance moves. Pure rebellion! The mods’ taste was elegant and exclusive. A coat (CG Milo BV) is a jacket that looks like a long, tailored suit jacket in the fall-winter 2022 collection. It reflects the mods’ unorthodox fashion desires. The voluminous boucle sweater (CG Bear), made from a fuzzy yarn, looks absolutely avantgarde when it comes to knitwear. Accessories like scarves made from extra-light, voluminous Boucle yarn blow in air during rapid scooter rides.


Today’s youth are embracing the same sense of quality they had in clothing. The fall-winter 2022 collection by Savile Row at CG – CLUB of GENTS features refined fabrics and accentuated cut with an almost sartorial look. The collection includes a mixture of patterned fabrics, double-breasted jackets, and bombers in classic fabrics. The suits were sourced from London’s Savile Row tailors. The mods mastered the art of combining British understatement and a youthful, unassuming style that was almost absurd. The mods were often seen in suits but the rebellious attitude was not to be missed. A parka is essential for any mod. The model (CG Julian), is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. A short trench (CG Joris), made from the same material, provides protection against wind and rainy weather.


The collection features a selection of elegant round-neck and turtleneck sweaters made from merino wool in geometric cable-knit patterns. There are also shirt prints made from wallpaper designs. The color scheme is changed from Blue, Black and Nature to Brown to British Racinggreen or Sunflower accents. The ties in the accessories section are a bit wider to match the wide, masculine jacket lapels. They are made of pure silk and have a jacquard construction. The pocket squares have small-flowered designs by Liberty, a traditional London manufacturer. They add color accents and elegance to an elegant look.

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