Donate clothes in Berlin

My clothing donation drive will be stopped this year, unfortunately. It would have been no, and I’m very sorry about it. 7 would have been a great amount, and the organizations are already missing out this year on a lot. It was always great to see everyone before we all disperse for the holidays. You can still donate your winter warmers. Here is a list with local charities looking for donations. They will give them away free of charge to those in need. Others will make a small profit by selling them in their shops. This money is used to continue their charitable work. They do not make any profit or sell the clothes in other countries. All of this and more. I also have some free shops where everyone gets everything for free.
As always, only donate clean & intact clothing, only bring what the organisations ask for (most times it’s seasonal items since few of them have storage space & men’s clothing is always in higher demand than women’s), and don’t dump your donations in front of closed doors. It’s a good idea to contact the charity before you donate, especially during lockdown.

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