“We love everyone”: The French drag couple creating non-traditional wedding gowns

woman in white and red dress

James and ViviAnn du Fermoir-de–Monsac aim to create an environment where people who aren’t in the ideal wedding image feel at home.

On the third floor of a typical Alsatian building in Strasbourg, a door opens on to a bright atelier, dotted with mannequins draped in bridal wear. Here James and ViviAnn du Fermoir de-Monsac work on couture wedding gowns, supervised by Adam, a yellow parakeet. They do it all in drag.

The pair say seeing clients in their drag personas creates an atmosphere where people can be accepted for who they are. In a world where ideal brides are often thin, white, and able-bodied, the traditional experience of purchasing a wedding gown isn’t always straightforward.

woman in white and red dress

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