Victoria Beckham’s New Blush is (Almost) as Fun As Roller Skating

woman with pink lipstick and white shirt

Victoria Beckham always has her ringtone loud while she travels for work. We were in the same room yesterday. It was the 8th floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Beckham sits upright, cross-legged on a tall chair and addresses six beauty editors. Posh’s iPhone began chiming as I was staring at the late-afternoon sunlight through the glass windows.

Beckham immediately sounded the bell chimes, saying, “Oh, that must have been one of my children about to go to sleep.” It occurred to me that it was just past 8 p.m. in London. This is likely the time Harper, Beckham’s 10-year old daughter, would call mom to say goodnight. Under my mask, I said “aw”, imagining Spice Girl, today, a fashion designer, and cofounder of Victoria Beckham Beauty, as she tucks in her baby via FaceTime.

Beckham used the call from home to discuss her new Victoria Beckham Beauty product, Cheeky Posh. This cream blush stick is now available at Bergdorf Goodman and other clean cosmetics under her nameake label. There are five colors available, including Beckham’s favorite, Roller Skate, a bold raspberry-coral rose named after Harper, who was involved in its creation. Beckham stated that she would just roll skate into the room during a meeting to pick her favorite color and then return out. I’m surprised that Beckham, a studied nude-lip loyalist, loves a bright blush, let alone one that’s so punchy. She said that Cheeky Blush’s most intimidating shade is actually one her best-kept makeup techniques. Beckham twists up the lipstick-like tube to explain that Roller Skate is this bright, pink shade she was afraid to use. ” But it actually brightens my entire complexion by using a tiny bit on my cheeks and eyelids.

It was enough to convince me to go for the bright coral shade, even though the neutral pink is more mine. After applying a gentle dab to my apples and my nose, I felt both well-rested as well as hydrated. Neither of these were true. Plus, I felt a little smilier imagining Harper on her roller skates.

woman with pink lipstick and white shirt

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