Vans asks its fans to help the community in celebration of Checkerboard Day

man playing skateboard on skateboard arena

Vans invited brand fans to take part in digital and local activities that help create inclusive and creative public spaces.

Vans Checkerboard day is November 18., an international non-profit that inspires young people to act, has been partnered by the brand. Vans’ largest philanthropic venture is this movement, which aims to stimulate creative and innovative spaces. Vans will offer a variety of initiatives to its supporters in the days leading up to the event.

Vans will have a directory that lists community events and digital activities. The Vans Ambassadors will be sharing their community revitalization stories through a TikTok challenge, #VansCheckerboardDay. Fans have the option to donate to 15 charities. Vans’ Checkerboard Day donation of $1 million is also going to the fifteen charities.

man playing skateboard on skateboard arena

The 16 organizations that will receive the Checkerboard donations for this year – which include – are GoodPush and Groundswell, Colectivo Tomate, Nations Skate Youth, Dignity for Children, Another Way of Seeing, and others. Vans will give each nonprofit 50,000 dollars, while will get 250,000 dollars. Youth scholarships will receive 25,000 dollars.

Doug Palladini, Vans global brand president, stated that art and creative expression not only benefit individuals’ academic, physical, and mental well-being but also uplift and improve whole communities. Vans is a champion of creativity and we encourage Vans fans to be a part this Vans Checkerboard Day of participating in activities that show how creativity really revitalizes communities.

Vans Checkerboard Day raised more than 2 million dollars since its inception in 2019. This money has been donated to non-profits that support creativity, mental well-being and community engagement.

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