Uniqlo will release the Jeff Koons capsule collection

blue dog and white rabbit balloons

Uniqlo, a retailer, has announced that it will launch a capsule collection with Jeff Koons, a contemporary artist.

Five of the artist’s most iconic sculptures will be featured on the t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. The collection is based around the themes of self-acceptance and empowerment as well as transcendence.

Koons released a statement about the collaboration, saying: “I love how Uniqlo connects with my generation as well as a younger one. Everyone loves their clothes and I love the feeling of unity. This collaboration will allow people all over the globe to connect and art will enrich their everyday lives.”

Along with the upcoming Jeff Koons exhibition, the eight items from the collection will be available for sale at the Qatar Museum INQ gift shop. Dadu, Children’s Museum of Qatar will receive a portion of the proceeds. This museum is currently in development.

blue dog and white rabbit balloons

John C. Jay, Uniqlo’s global creative president, stated that Uniqlo supports artists and collaborates with them. “Jeff Koons is a symbol of the positive power and potential for art to transform our lives and the world around. Jeff Koons is an inspiration and a source for commitment, and we are very proud of our partnership.”

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